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Nation By Nation (23Aug10)

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7Aug-23Aug — Sinking like the Corexit-sprayed oil slick, west goes bonkers ratcheting up its HAARP WMDs against everyone everywhere achieving the seeming destruction of the jet stream and thus our weather. Funnily enough though, a typical miscalculation has strayed into this diabolical plan of the beast. The first-line victim of the resulting food shortage shall be, of course, none other than the west neanderthal. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia – Deploys S300. For a laugh, Frankensteins express “concern”.
– Sea borders protected by Russian fleet.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan – USA’s back to trying to entice Talib with more reconciliation sweet talk. Didn’t Petraeus vow total military victory just recently, for which he got the promotion to lead the west child murdering legions?
– USA murders 6 incl 3 civilians, 22Aug.
– War report: 30 invading insurgents killed; over 6 tanks destroyed; 1 chopper downed; 3 NATO occupied places missiled. » See more at

B O L I V I A Bolivia – In preparation for the beast, extends mil training to civilians.

Evo Morales confirms that USA’s objective is to seize oil & nat’l reserves of S America.

C H I N A China – Floods across 28 provinces kill near 2K, affect 140M, break over 50 reservoirs, destroy 875K homes, force 10M into evacuation, and destroy 9M hectares of farmland, as of 7Aug.
– Clocks record rainfall though 7Aug.
– Trade surplus at near 30B USD/Jul, marking a 1,5 yr record.
– As Japan sinks with its masters, west admits that China has at last surpassed the once big island econ but the BBCNN media whores still stubbornly maintain that Germs are #1, which, of course, is as laughable as Busch II’s self-vapourising Boeings, Bliar’s Loondon77, Greek bailout, or comrade Obama saying there is no oil in the Gulf of Mexico.
– Dumps ~100B USD or 11% of USA debt/Q2. (21B USD just in Jun) Sideline: USA debt makes up 35% of China’s diversified foreign reserves. Therefore, USA’s shrieks that China can’t afford to dump the 830B USD just to burn USA’s rump are in efficacy on par with west “tougher” sanctions on Iran.
– For fun, China’s dump isn’t the only thorn in USA rump for Soros and the rest of the USA stock wolf pack have all laughably been shadowing China’s d0llar-dump policy managing to emaciate over 40% of Soros’ funds investments and withdrawing an aggregate of 33B USD from USA stocks.
– Despite the loosening of Yuan/dullar peg, Yuan still drops 2%/Jun. West grits teeth in anger for it had expected a sizeable rise.

E G Y P T Egypt – Intercepts Israeli boat peddling arms, 15Aug.

E U EU – Wheat prices rise proportionally to temperatures in Russia to 236 EUR/tonne, or by some 13% by 5Aug. Britz media whores now speak of the possibility of food riots coming to west.
– Vaticunt issues thanks to USA for dropping its prosecution of Vaticunt pedophile rapists. No, the festering west disease couldn’t be invented.
– Aggregate production keeps shriveling even in Q2.
– Factory output shrivels 1/10th%/Q2. For fun, they had anticipated an “increase”. No quips!
– Inflation admitted at 20 mo high. Didn’t they fight deflation a few days ago? Sideline: All west claims are total rubbish. They’ve always been but since 911 they’ve managed to increase even that. Specifically, to inflation/deflation: falling prices have nothing whatever to do with deflation, though this is precisely what the west gang of “economist” mindrapists base their deflationary spew on; and CPI is no indication of inflation, which is what they apparently used here. Inflation has to do with the size of the currency base, not its relative buying power and that has been inflated by 43T USD/EUR in the last 19 months across the west Atlantic-molesting cesspit.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks – France begins physical ethnic cleansing shipping out the unwanted ones by rounding them up, stripping them of citizenship, and deporting them en masse to Bulgaria and Romania. France however maintains: “France is not a racist country.”
– Auto production shrivels 7,4%/Jun.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs – Industrial production shrivels 6/10th%/Jun. They’re “surprised”. No joke! They expected 7/10th increase.
– Claims Q2 growth. Clearly they “erroneously” added the 750B EUR, supposedly given to the Greeks, to their own GDP. This is exactly the same kind of BS like west claiming Germs are the biggest economy on earth.
– Frees an Israeli caught for faking passport who also happens to be wanted in Dubai for assassination. Fake passports, assassinate, rape kids, torture with USA fiends, murder civilians in Afghanistan, all allowed in west… but question the state laughable dogma and go to jail. That’s what the west frecklies have for “democracy” and “freedom” today and they don’t even seem to mind.
– Saxony drowns in floods.

Can someone cue up the Brandenburg Concertos?

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece – GDP shrivels 1,5%/Q2 or 3,5%/yr. How so? Wasn’t the bailout suppose to prevent just this? Well, so long as the near trillion Greek bailout went into the right wallets.
– Workers (age 24 yrs and below) clock 33% unemployment.
– Overall unemployment admitted at 12%.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania – Under another IMF rape assault as the west beast demands another 75K jobs zapped by the end of 2010. The first round of poverty measures have zapped 30K and upped VAT to 24%.

E U - U K EU-UK – Unemployment reaches 2,5M. They’re now counting part-time as full time.
– Long term unemployment (unemployed for 1yr and better) at 13 yr high at 800K.
– Governance plans to remedy this situation however by zapping 600K jobs more over the next 5 yrs to comply with the first round of IMF diktat.
– Banksters issue a threat to governance: screw with limiting our bonuses and we’ll leave the drizzly isles. Yes, the west war juntas are at each other’s throats.

I R A N Iran – Like China, dumping EUnuchro and Dullar from its wallet.
– Comrade Obama’s sanctions further unify Iran and Syria, beside others, as Iran begins gas export to Syria.
– Mutual business investment grows among Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and India — all courtesy of the west new “tougher” sanctions.
– Russia delivers N fuel and Bushehr reactor comes online, 21Aug. BTW, Russia is still “undecided” on the S300 delivery, but Bushehr alone has left west fang scraping loud enough.
– Tests S2S missile.
– Unveils own fighter drone.
– Completes some 30% or 900K km of the Pakistan gasline, a project, which west tried so hard to prevent.

I R A Q Iraq –» See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan – GDP shrivels to measly 4/10th%/Q2 from 4,4%. They predicted 2,3% growth. No joke!

L E B A N O N Lebanon – Tells USA to shove their “aid” after USA condoned recent Israel border molestations.
– Iran and Syria re-iterate their mil support for Lebanon in case should west attack.
– Iran further offers Lebanon mil aid.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea – Floods destroy near 15K hectares of farmland, thousand homes, and hundreds of firms.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan – Floods ravage 650K homes, 132K km2, affecting 13M, and killing over 1600.
– NATO supply convoy destroyed.

Pakistan too suffers the HAARP destruction of the jet stream.

R U S S I A Russia – Halts wheat export, 15Aug, until 31Dec plunging west food-dependent market into panic as west food prices rise.
– Plane routes disrupted by 2K km long cloud of smoke from fires.
– 7K hectares of fires in 11 of 14 districts under control. Some 10M hectares have been destroyed in fires.
– Freak weather due to the split of the jet stream pushes temperatures in Moscow to 40C killing some 5000.
– Lukoil with China’s oil venture begin fueling Iran again. Who could’ve achieved more unity among the Freeworld than the west “tough” sanctions?

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea – Planning yet another war games for Sep with USA masters in their endless attempts at provoking China. Does west really think it could handle the situation should they be successful?

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland – Refusing to obey comrade Obama sanctions, clinging for its dear life to the 18B EUR gas deal with Iran. Let’s hope comrade Obama was serious about enforcing the sanctions and will shut the gas taps, which are keeping the disobedient Swiss Vaticunt guardsmen warm.

U S A USA –Fan/Fred, USA governance mortgage firm, which has cost the baboon ~1T USD to date, needs another quick 150B USD to stay afloat a bit longer after posting a 9B USD loss/Q2. Governance claims they have no clue why this prolapse has occurred. No joke! Hopefully, this cannot be said of the NBN readership, which knows that the west unavoidable terminal prolapse, signs of which are celebrated in NBN’s, stems from the masterful mid-2006 petrodollar nuking.
– 113 banks laid to rest, 20Aug. That’s a bank going belly up every 48 hrs.
– To keep the food stamp lot from swelling too much, comrade Obama deftly drains 14B USD, some 13,6%, from the programme, which is keeping some 41M baboons alive now. This is the same kind of number masturbation, which is employed in reporting the USA unemployment, war casualty,… well, and everything.
– Comrade Obama makes 26B USD cuts to USA medical care programmes to apparently fund his wife’s whim programme. BTW, this is the very definition of Ponzi. Oddly, the baboon remains calm.
– Comrade Obama prints 3B USD for elite banks to “fight” foreclosures. Now, how does giving cash to loan underwriters fight foreclosures? It doesn’t! It’s just another typical west scam/deceit/crime like bailout, democracy spreading wars, magically disappearing oil spill, and…. well, everything.
– Trade deficit grows by 8B USD/Jun. The west media whores label it as “unexpected”.

Spare a moment and breathe in this beautiful work of art showing USA monetary base through 2009. Yes, it clearly outlines how USA, instead of printing newspapers, has gone into the lucrative business of printing cash. Right now, the cost of the west idyll pretense runs about 1M (USD/EUR mix) each and every second 24/7, as they say. Just during your reading this single blip, the west has probably had some 6-8 million pumped into its corexit-filled veins to plod on in its death bed.

– 131K baboons zapped from jobs/Jul.
– Pentagram joins the wonderful job-zapping spree with axing ~6K jobs.
– Just in 2009Q4, USA had zapped nearly 7M baboons.
– Bankruptcies clock 5 yr high record with 422K filings/Q2. That’s incidentally a growth of 9%/Q and 11%/yr. Not bad considering 2005 revamp of bankruptcy regs to make them more difficult by Busch II.
– Personal bankruptcies grow 21% and biz ones at 9%.
– No wonder then that baboon pension raiding is at 10 yr high. Watch comrade Obama figure out how to stop baboons from raiding their own cash now.
– July deficit at 165B USD. Isn’t it fun watching someone who can’t control own budget dictate someone else’s fiscal policies?
– Debt-to-GDP at 95% and climbing. The same applies for the other west side of the Atlantic, BTW. But it doesn’t stop the west creatures from blaming Greek sensible debt-to-GDP ratio for the west-wide rot.
– 93K homes repo’d from the baboon/Jul. That’s an increase of 9%/month or 6%/yr. Selling tents to the baboon could be the next big business with west.
– Comrade Obama quickly prints 21B USD to bandaid up various state lacerations to keep the states from rumbling.
– Does it sound like USA is basically over? That’s cuz it is. This should be no surprise to the NBN readership but now even the IMF vampire has joined the NBN choir coming clean on USA being bankrupt. IMF is now seeking total financial overhaul of USA or more simply put, econ system change including total revamp of retirement, health, work, and every aspect of the baboon’s existence. Let’s see who wins this one: USA central banksters or the west IMF cannibals. Current IMF demand is doubling of all taxes to start with 15% of GDP reduction in debt.
– Oddly, Bloomberg joins in too calling USA a 6 decade Ponzi scheme. Are the west media losers now shamelessly copying NBN?
– Certainly seems like it. Now even comrade Obama’s budget office is screaming there’s no recovery and warns of hard times. Of course, they don’t elaborate that “hard times” mean total wall-to-wall terminal prolapse of all things and lands west.

The capitalipigs have always been rather partial to hockey stick charts. Now they’ve got ’em — everywhere! This 2009 hockey stick tracks Nevada’s unemployment.

» Treat yourself to this wonderful flash of unemployment thunderstorm gathering over the skulls of the baboon. It’s priceless! (They’ll have to more than spray Corexit to hide this embarrassment.)

– 60+ die in clashes on USA/Mexico border, early Aug.
– Comrade Obama begins militarisation of USA/Mexico border as 23 die on 15Aug.
– Gunbattles on Mexico border, 21Aug.
– Wyoming threatens comrade Obama with putting 550 hectars on the west-wide garage sale unless he starts paying for schools a bit.
– Califorlornia clocks 21% shriveling in baboon-to-baboon hovel sales.
– Colorado experiences a small baboon vs robocops skirmish.
– Certain municipalities across USA are shutting off street lamps and try auctioning off police choppers to stay afloat.
– USA prolapse doesn’t stop comrade Obama however from giving Israel another 4B USD worth of fighter jets. Let’s hope the tent-bound baboon appreciates this sweet love gesture.
– Suddenly befriends Vietnam, parking its warships there and imposing with nuke stuff there. Is west still running the lunatic wetdream of dominating Central Asia through its empty skull?
– Comrade Obama clocks another int’l embarrassment as he threatens Turkey to be nice to Israel or he won’t sell Ankara his anti-civilian drones. It should be added here that days later, Iran had unveiled own drones making USA rabid threats as laughable as they’re impotent.

Oil oozing out of ground in LousyAnna. Strange, isn’t it? Didn’t comrade Obama say there is no oil spill anymore?

– Oil rain reported in Minnesota. Oddly, the BBCNN whores do mention the new death phenomena but claim they have no clue what’s behind it. One couldn’t make up the psychosis, which defines the west cesspits.
– Dead fish adorn USA coastline from Texas to New York now, some 5K km. Get ready Norway and Britzies, you’re next up. BTW, the cabal of west media whores link the massive fish die off to the resurrected global warming.
– No change in west’s impotence in stopping the leaks, which means we’re on day ~180 and that roughly means 2,4M tonnes of oil thus far and probably nearing 8M l of Corexit spilt into our oceans. This seems supported by oil-death-rain detected 2,5K km away now; with near 5K km of USA coastline edged with dead fish and tar; and 40km long oil plumes slithering beneath the media-friendly surface thanks to the Corexit bombing. The capacity of the destruction, which for oil is 10K X, thus far is then 30T l of water or total vivocide of our planet.
– Despite these simple facts, USA governance actually says there is NO oil anymore. No joke! Yes, like Boeings, oil now too apparently just vanishes in USA. Well, after 911, it’d be silly to expect any shred of truth from the west child-murdering and planet-vivociding frecklies.
– To prove there is NO oil spill, comrade Obama takes a picture swimming. Now, consider the acumen of the creature this photo op is supposed to convince that the 6 months of oil spill never really happened and you’ll have a fair sample of the west disease.

» See more pics on this west vivocide here at NWO report site
» See spill tracking maps

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela – Restores ties with new Colombian prez Santos.

…to be cont’d as it all piles



Nation By Nation (6Aug10)

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11Jul-6Aug — The wheels have come off the ridiculous wreck called west and no baboon’s rump has been spared the road-rash but — perhaps not too surprisingly considering the west neanderthal brainstem-lodged intellect — west hasn’t yet even untangled whether it’s plagued by inflation, deflation, or stagflation; whether they’re in recession or recovery; whether market is at the top or bottom; whether to attack Iran, N Korea, Russia, Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, or Venezuela. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan – Recruits kill 2 USA insurgents.
– Update through 16Jul tallies: 5 west occupied targets missiled, 11 vehicles, 7 tanks, 45 minions, 58 freckly insurgents.
– USA murders over 60 civilians incl children and their mums in two anti-civilian bombing raids.
– 5Aug, caNADA chopper down.

A U S T R A L I A Australia – Undergoes a soft nay pink revolt. As Faulner, hours before the silly coup, claims withdrawal from Afghanistan considered, Gillard is on a sudden put on throne. Gillard’s first official act is the pledge of indefinite support and total servitude of USA’s wars.

C H I N A China – Econ growth at 8%. Yank baboons actually celebrate the “cooling” of the China’s econ engine. No joke! Yes, baboon’s DNA is made of deceit, crime, and cretinism.
– Derates the whole west zone incl USA, UK, and Japan.
– Dumps 32,5B USD worth of USA debt plummeting USA elite bailout stocks.
– Reveals USA is broke and dubs USA credit ratings pure hogwash. How did this take so long?

E U EU – The cannibal IMF, unhappy with EUnuchs’ poverty measures, is promising total overhaul and takeover of all EUnuch wallets. West self-mutilation is beyond entertaining.
– Total fiscal rot doesn’t however stop the EUnuch from inking “toughest ever” sanctions on Iran yet again. Didn’t the last round of “really tough” sanctions work?
– Germs & Frankensteins want vote suspension of the ubermensch EUnuchs.

E U - C Z E C H EU-Czech Rep – 1,6B EUR worth of enacted poverty measures include gen’l tax hike, 10% wage cuts, child aid cuts, health care revamp, and the sundries. Consider this nation was so silly as to actually boast about not having any debts to the EUnuch central banksters. Understand that poverty measures Berlin diktat isn’t about fiscal matters but solely about the saxon EUnuch physical grip over the controlled lands. Perhaps Bohmen Und Mahren would suit Czechs better now.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks – Cops kill 2 civilians provoking riots in Saint-Aignan and Grenoble, 19Jul. Mass deployment robocops responded with live ammo against civilians. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité? Hmmmm, how about: Hogwashé, Hogwashé, and more Hogwashé?
– Prez caught in campaign finance movements. Yes, how about: Hogwashé, Hogwashé, and more Hogwashé?
– Air controllers mull 3 day strike.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs – DeutscheTelecom runs from the baboon’s NYSE.
– While Germs punished a guy for questioning textbooks with a 5 yr prison term, they’ve now punished the rape of 3 kids by the vaticunt hitler-youth-boy monsters with a SUSPENDED 10 months. Yes, west = organised child rape, torture, and murder.
– Busy overhauling fiscal rulebook on EUnuchs prohibiting national bankruptcies. Hitler didn’t control this much.
– Raids, once again, Credit-Suisse vaults.
– Investor confidence prolapses to 77% of historical rate.
– Threatens Afghan pullout.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece – Prolapsed governance suddenly finds 4,3B EUR for Frankenstein’s war frigates, anti-civilian choppers and jets, and Germ’s sub. Sounds mad? Yeah, that’s the scope of it.
– West celebrates Athen’s raising of 1,6B EUR in bond sale. Oddly, this won’t even pay for 25% of the latest SINGLE west bank BONUS bash, which ran some 6B USD. But west neanderthals can be counted on not being able to add even the simplest of numbers.
– 33K strong truckers strike, which freezed the nation for a week, is over, 2Aug, after governance deployed military. Indeed, understand west poverty measures aren’t about fiscal rot of west but about the very next step: rule by gun.

E U - H U N G A R Y EU-Hungary – IMF junta threatens to pull 20B EUR unless Hungarians obediently accept further poverty measures, which Budapest, of course, did.

E U - I R E L A N D EU-Ireland – Brit occupation unrest resurfaces in 3 nights of clashes, riots, and arrests. 80 robocops injured. London promises the harshest of punishments and enacts mass arrests.
– USA slashes Ireland’s rating. Yes, west turns on itself.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy – Accepts IMF poverty measures.

E U - P O R T U G A L EU-Portugal – USA cuts Portugal’s rate. No joke!

E U - S P A I N EU-Spain –21Jul, air traffic controllers on strike disrupt EUnuch flight routes.
– Subway on strike for 3 days in Madrid, 14Jul.

E U - U K EU-UK – So hopelessly broke that they’re reviving “quantitative easing” or massive prints of cash by WankOfEngland. But this doesn’t stop them from blaming Greeks.
– Enacts national-service for teens to give their young ones “sense of purpose”. Queen Youth, would it be?
– Ex diplo comes clean on WMD lies. He waited for 7 yrs to tell the truth? Yes, west is made of deceit and cretinism.
– Public sector 1,3T GBP deeper in debt than previously “disclosed”. It should be clear than no amount of poverty measures, no matter how merciless, can even begin to hope to slow down even a single laceration. And this is why the west disease is following the last option it has left: war on everyone.
– Despite the promises to stop wars spewed by the latest governance charade, UK’s planning up now a Pakistan invasion with their baboon cousin.
– So laughingly broke they’re now rationing hip replacements and cataract treatements. West fiscal prolapse now means going blind.
– 170K miles of electrical grid covering Loondon picked up on the humiliating west-wide garage sale by a Chinese billionaire for below 6B GBP. Incidentally, the guy already owns UK’s NorthGasNetwork. That’s some trending.
– PMI shrivels to 53, 1 yr low. For fun, they predicted a rise to 54,5. Yes, they’re liars and cretins.
– Teachers exposed for not being able to write, read, or do simple arithmetic. Big shock there!
– Puts 2500 BP’s gas stations on the west-wide garage sale for 2B EUR. Russia’s Rosneft seen checking the west prolapsed rubbish.

I R A N Iran – Bomb at mosque in Zahedan kills 100.
– Ahmadinejad challenges comrade Obama to a televised match of wits. Comrade Obama runs. No, surprise there. D Duke, Rense, Engdahl, Chossudovsky have too rejected my challenges for mp3 debate about the laughable rubbish they’re all spewing in their own individual funny way.
– Gets S300’s via Belarus. How can west even begin to deal with such underhanded, complicated, tangled, ever-morphing web of unfair deceit?
– Non-oil export of over 3K goods to 160 nations rises 30%/Mar-Jun to 7,7B USD. Anyone say west sanctions? Indeed, west sanctions are precisely that: sanctions against west.

I S R A E L Israel – Calls UK anti-Israel. Just for fun, tracking west failed war venture finger-pointing.
– Israel molested Lebanon’s border provoking a battle, 3Aug. BBCNN whores call this the “worst” skirmish since 2006, conveniently forgetting west failure of an all-out attack on Lebanon in 2008.

J A P A N Japan – Told by USA to slap sanctions on Iran and so it did just that.
– After which and after Kan had pledged full and unconditional servitude to their USA masters, USA suddenly finds “new” data that says it was the driver’s fault after all in the threatened mass Toyota’s recall before Kan’s enthronement. One couldn’t think up the cretinously transparent comedy that west has for reality.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan – NATO supplies attacked, 16Jul.
– Comrade Obama murders 10 more with his drone attacks, 15Jul.
– USA, ala Haiti, uses flood disaster to invade Pakistan with choppers, military, and boats under the pretext of sending aid.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine – Building razed by Israel in E Jerusalem. West OKs it beside funding it, of course.
– Israel attacks Arakib & razes 45 buildings.

R U S S I A Russia – Reminds the dillydallying west that Iran may soon have the N thingy.
– Oil deal with Vietnam’s Petrovietnam for 120K bpd (that’s incidentally BTW roughly about what the baboon’s pumping into the Gulf of Mexico).
– USA deports a Russian for violating immigration laws. Bias? Probably not. After all, only 40M in USA are doing exactly the same thing with no similar consequences.

50 dead and over 170 hectars destroyed in fires sweeping the nation. Over 500 are still burning.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea – Obediently plays war games with USA trying to provoke some disaster on Chinese, Russian, or at least N Korean border but fails.
– So S Korea relaunches war game provocations, 4Aug.

T H A I L A N D Thailand – Reds protest in Bangkok.

U N UN – 20% of the secret gold stash (some 380 tonnes) dumped through BIS but no one knows who did it. No joke! All things west are 100% diseased rubbish. Oddly, adding what Portugal, Spain, and Greece had stashed among them turns out to be 382 tonnes of gold. Looks like the saxonic EUnuch diktat has forced the PIIGS to give up their gold reserves. Just consider the silly fact that no one knows who sold it and how. It’s a bit like 911’s put options, isn’t it?, or another typical west crime.

U S A USA –103rd bank laid to rest on 23Jul. That’s a bank funeral every 47 hours now and that’s 24% better rate than in 2009.
– Posts another all-time Ms Universe super record of 1,5T/annum deficit, and that’s wishful thinking for the year ain’t over just yet.
– How is USA still there? The pretense has cost the baboon over 24T USD in not even 2 yrs. Sideline: Consider this for a bit and enjoy! That’s 24000000000000 USD pumped into the lacerated USA pretense since Oct 2008. Yes, the ULTIMATE PONZI prize goes to Mr Busch II and comrade Obama for this means that the current USA’s burn rate is some 500K USD each and every SECOND with no time off! Consider the ridiculous pretense, which some might say is pretty shoddy to begin with, is requiring near 2B USD every hour of every day, family gob-stuffing weekends on USA Corexit-enhanced beaches included, just to keep plodding on. And that’s not all! The exact same case holds for the poor EUnuchs.
– Just the Fred/Fanny governance mortgage “bailout” heist has cost the baboon near 4T USD. How will USA find the cash to pay all this? It won’t.
– Fanny needs 1,5B USD more to keep plodding.
– Central banksters confirm as much by recanting their “recovery cheers”.
– No kidding, unemployment rises to 28% from coast to coast. That’s some 42M unemployed, but comrade Obama statistic charlatans only track 10%. They actually took 3M off their unemployment list simply cause they were unemployed for too long. Sounds mad? Well, that’s the scope of it.
– Home purchases shrivel further 10%/Jun, after 30% toppling in May, and are at 50-yr low. Just for fun, the west econ charlatans predicted a rise.
– Some 3 million homes stand empty. And this is what the west media BBCNN whores call “deflation”. Yes, west is the definition of deceit mixed with a healthy dose of idiocy.
– Home construction also shrivels another 5%/Jun.
– 1M baboon hovels repo’d in foreclosures. This is 10K% of the typical historical rate.
– Corporate layoffs grow 6%/Jul with 42K zappings.
– Small wonder then that near 41M baboons are on food stamps.
– Small wonder then that the consumer sentiment plunges to a 52 wk low.
– Small wonder then that baboon bankruptcies rise 9%/month to 137K/Jul.
– Small wonder then that a shooting spree in disConnecticut kills 6.
– Small wonder then that the rolling unemployment benefits rise near 20K/Jul to the routine 479K. For fun, USA econ charlatans predicted a 5K fall.
– Baboons are facing ~250B USD laceration THIS year as commercial realty loans mature. This will be followed by ~300B/2011, and a beautiful ~350B/2012. No, there shall be no reprieve from the west teeth gnashing.
– Comrade Obama toughens sanctions against west. He’s booted additional 21 Iranian firms from Germia, Italy, Japan, and Luxembourg.

Trending the marvelous evaporation of 40% of USA commercial realty value. Note what took the baboons 7 yrs to build was handsomely leveled in 3.

– Post office posts 3,5B USD loss/Q3.
– Pentagon unable to account for near all of 9B USD in the latest Iraq war injection. All things west are either Ponzi, mark-to-market or deceit, or the mix thereof.
– But so what? Pentagon is broke again and threatens not honouring salaries unless it quickly gets another 40B USD for the child-murdering wars.
– Pentagon boasts a record suicide rate among its anti-civilian troops, or some 1/day in June.

Starting a biz in USA, perhaps the only erstwhile attraction of the NorthAm saxon-raped plateaus? Don’t be silly. Those days are over as well.

– Pennsillyvania health care zaps 1500.
– University of Pitsburger links mercury-laden vaccine to autism. Will they now prosecute the univ cadre to hush up their vaccine genocide like they destroyed the UK doctor?
– GM shuts doors and lights in Ontario, caNADA.
– Detrot sees 48K foreclosures/2010H1. That’s a 35% improvement/half yr. Sideline: The fun thing is that USA governance is unwilling to reset the property tax base, which used to be derived from sales price. Somehow USA governance is suddenly refusing to play the capitalist avowed market demand game, which they built their entire capitalist pigsty on. To NBN readers, that should be no surprise, for all things west are 100% disease.
– Raised voices are heard at last in Californlornia when they announce 800K USD/yr salary of some governance operative.
– NASA says upper atmo gone. Don’t the Apollo clowns know about HAARP?
– Times loses 66% of traffic after they tried charging for their deceit barfs online.
– 72M baboons, near half of the entire nation, are obese. Watch obesity tax go into effect shortly.
– Reports of open warfare on Mexican/Arizona border surface with a bomb attack, 5Aug, and 1M bounty on some USA cop.

Toxic gulf, made in USA. Comrade Obama charlatans say the oil has magically vanished now, while just the surface slick covers over 3M hectares.

Made in USA.

– Over 570 fall ill from exposure to USA beaches.
– Chief butcher of Gulf of Mexico is rewarded 18+M and a job in Russia, in west’s wetdream to eco-cide Russia as well.
– Second “Top kill” also fails ripping the sea floor causing other six oil and methane leaks. While the hapless saxons were mucking around with it, the oil spew went 10X. BP claims the floor leaks aren’t *their* fault. Not a joke!
– A few weeks ago, the tally stood at 840M gal, or 20M barrels, or some 60-80 Valdezes pumped into the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic.
– 88 square miles of coast closed.
– Oil rain reported in Iowa, Looseriana, Fluorida, and Kentyucky.
– Even BBCNN media whores catch BP photoshopping their evidence.
– 20 mile of Taxes shore pronounced “dead zone”.
» See more pics on this west vivocide here at NWO report site
» See spill tracking maps

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela – Severs links with Colombia.
– Mil put on alert along Colombian border.
– Oil venture with Belarus.
– Oil shipping venture with Iran. Where does this leave west?
– Yank baboons salivate over Orinoco reserves, which they peg to be 2X of their Saudi’s. Looks like the west beast has at last submitted to the world community a sound evidence for an invasion.

H Chavez to the baboon: Keep provoking with Colombia and get no oil.

…and that’s the scope of it
to be cont’d as it all piles up


Nation By Nation (10Jul10)

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22Jun-10Jul — Day by day, as the west prolapse begins permeating the very musings and apocalyptic blither of the baboon kind, NBN’s data of the west-wide terminal prolapse are basically rendered superfluous. But under no circumstance should our jubilations be derailed by the self-pitying mournful tone the west arrogant redneck neanderthals have begun affecting as the child-murdering saxonic freckly creature stares at its own econ death. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan – West tried yet again to slither up to Talib for truce negotiations. Yet again, west was told off: “We don’t want to talk to anyone — not to Karzai or foreigners — until forces are withdrawn.”
– New USA child-murdering boss promises west war investors victory in Afghanistan returning west strategy to its original war wetdreams. He also calls for paying for more war with USA baboon’s pensions.
– 7Jul, USA admits to 3 troop deaths.
– 8Jul, USA admits to 3 troop deaths.
– 9Jul, USA admits to murdering 6 civilians.
– 10Jul, USA admits to 7 troop deaths.

West-style warfare: robo-troops against children and their mums and still needing a number advantage.

A U S T R A L I A Australia – Rudd out, Gillard in. The first thing the new PM does is pledging support to USA wars. Oddly, her obvious geographical/loyalty confusion is not so much as questioned by this strand of west disease.

B R A Z I L Brazil – Shuts down USA’s walmart offices.
– GDP grows 7,13%/2010.

C H I N A China –China-based GM outsells own USA turf. China’s been #1 auto market since 2008.
– Live round drills welcome USA/S Korean war games.
– Trade gap with USA swells 120%. USA screams “no fair”.

E G Y P T Egypt – Red Sea oil spill, blamed on Egypt, comes from west boats ferrying the stolen resource.

E U EU – Unemployment at record high, much like its bristly cousin, the baboon. That’s over 23M of Grand EUnuchs out of work.
– Mfg prolapses some more.
– Vaticunt pedophiles launch new fanatical attack to frighten the west neanderthals with pictures of tortured guy nailed to a cross.
– Gives USA access to all its banks. The west war junta actually thinks it can save itself by rinsing the west neanderthal wallets. Such is the unbounded cretinism of the west kind.
– Prints another 750B EUR to make it through the summer. And this after all the poverty measures.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks – Silly Sarkozy tried saving Le Monde, the symbol of west survival that’s gone on the west-wide garage sale.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs – All households get slapped with TV tax of 18EUR/month, even if they don’t have a TV. This will save the west.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece – Bomb at police ministry kills 1, 25Jun.
– More protests, clashes, tear gas, and “burn parliament” banners in another nat’l strike on 29Jun.
– Greek “bailout” (code for saxon bank 700M EUR heist) does precisely what it had promised to avoid. 6000 Greek islands go on west-wide garage sale.

Greece AFTER bailout.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy – 29Jun, Italians rise against the 25B bloodsqueeze poverty measures. Some 100K turn out in Bologna, some 60K in Rome, and 80K in Milan.

E U - L A T V I A EU-Latvia – Nazis take to streets celebrating the coming of Hitler.

E U - U K EU-UK – Warns citizens of “abject misery” for “the world has changed dramatically in recent weeks”.
– Poverty measures include the zapping of 500K jobs at min plus some 650K jobs in private sector.
– Mfg prolapses some more.

I R A N Iran – Frankenstein’s Total moaning “it was a mistake” becomes the first beneficiary of the west self-bloodletting sanctions on Iran.
– Producing long-range missiles now.
– Gives Syria radar.

I R A Q Iraq – See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan – Unemployment over 5% and climbing.
– New west-stooge governance unveils tax hikes as IMF reins in the USA base island’s econ under the west-wide poverty measures.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine –

Civilians in Gaza shelled by Israel, 30Jun.

R U S S I A Russia – Visa-free travel with Nicaragua.
– Swaps spies with USA.
– S300/400 sale to Turkey. West can’t probably even keep track now.
– Pensions upped by 3,4%, 1Jul.
– Opens oil offices in Cuba for Gulf of Mex drilling of Boca de Jaruco reserves. Such is the power of west sanctions.

T U R K E Y Turkey –Closes sky to Israel military flights.

U N UN – A careless speech suggesting banning the baboon dollar sends the dead tender into convulsions.

U S A USA –Forget Greece and her sensible debt #s. USA is running federal debt of 14T USD plus cumulative baboon personal debts of 13T USD. Ignoring total USA operating outlay that pushes the debt #s to over 80T, current USA debt (including GDP that adds money prints as income) is 2X GDP.
– Tax hikes, though typically a sound way to raise cash, are, like in EUnuchia, totally POINTLESS today. Income tax has eroded 55% to pifly 140B USD in 2009, so taxes isn’t one of west’s solution.
– Unemployment pegged at some 21%.
– Unemployment rises 13K/wk, 1Jul. Comrade Obama’s charlatans predicted a “drop” — just for a laugh.
– 125K baboons lose jobs/Jun but comrade Obama keeps “official” unemployment-benefits below 10% by simply erasing 1,2M off labour force. Per their own data they’re tracking some 50% of real unemployment now supporting the over 20% unemployment. That’s 30M baboons out of work and 60M in ridiculous rubbish jobs.
– Small wonder then that baboon bankruptcies rise 14%/H1.
– 40M baboons are relying on food stamps to survive today. Why so little? The governance isn’t gonna feed more. Food stamps, like unemployment benefits is a limited # having nothing to do with hunger or unemployment.
– Consumer confidence plunges further 16%/May.
– With total mfg death joined by construction death, 40% of the remaining employed baboons are stuck in low-wage rubbish.
– Mortgage loans prolapse 40%.
– 24% or mortgages underwater, meaning the baboon hovels are worth less than the loans on them.
– 370K properties on foreclosure/Mar. USA banks, living off “bailout” heist own MORE property than baboons today.
– New homes sales prolapse 33%/May rounding at pathetic 300K.
– 90 banks laid to rest, as of 9Jul.
– But the fun is just beginning. Commercial realty prices & transactions prolapse 40% & 90% respectively since the dollar monopoly nuking.
– Fred&Fan, the USA governance mortgage slumlord house since 2008, means today 145B in losses to the baboon pocket.
– USA central bank printing 2T USD to pay self for USA bonds on the verge of default. Forget Greece and EUnuchia. Their fiscal problems are silly in comparison to the amusing baboon slide down the abyss.
– Despite all this, 55% of the baboons find comrade Obama to be “socialist”. Indeed, the west cretinism cannot be underestimated.

Treat yourself to this beautifully succinct chart tracing the west-wide wall-to-wall terminal prolapse. Note the marvelous slide starting in 2007 — in full synch with the dollar monopoly nuking of mid 2006. Note also the irrecoverable over-decade-long erosion of trade shriveling realty prices to 2003 level in one single year. This roughly means that west commercial real-estate is all underwater today with loans bigger than liquidating price. And be dazzled with the thought that it doesn’t include 2010 data, the year in which USA’s construction was finally laid to rest and the razing of realty to prop up the prices has begun.

– Prolapsed Californlornia is releasing 40K prisoners and lowers min wage.
– Verizon celebrates USA splendid recovery with 12K job zappings.
– NASA celebrates USA splendid recovery with 1K job zappings.
– Comrade Obama prints 33B USD for war on Afghanistan.
– Comrade Obama gives self an internet kill switch. This means that the internet is working just fine then.

Another treat. As commercial realty stands abandoned covered with pathetic “for lease” signs across USA, behind the scenes, the unpaid loans are exponentially bloodletting the already gangrened banks. Remember the subprime fibs of 2007? Laughable, aren’t they?, the west BBCNN whores. This chart alone proves that all west is and has been lying about their prolapse, not to mention the terminality thereof.

– Has destroyed some 30% of its contiguous coastline from Taxes to the Atlantic side of Fluorida plus over 40% of Gulf of Mexico.
– Tar balls turn up in New Jersey, the next station after Fluorida of the Gulf Stream.
– On 10Jun, it’s day ~160 (leak was known 2 months prior to announcement). Gushing at 100K bpd, some 16M barrels of oil plus Corexit have been pumped into the gulf thus far. That’s some 64 Valdez-size disasters with the potential to wipe out 130K km of shoreline and 1,7M km2 of water. These #s are off chart
– Millions of baboons are now breathing benzene and enjoy toxic rain.
– Hundreds “swimmers” report sickness. That’s right, the incurably cretinous baboon is still seeking after a swim in its poisoned waters.
– 1500 “workers” reported sick and turned to BP-run hospitals.
– The west governances are doing something about it however: Comrade Obama has made it a felony to film the destruction; and he’s asked USA NAVY to figure out a way to nuke the gushing as if that’s possible; Canada has put 2500 troops on standby for deployment to USA oil beaches as if that had anything to do with it; USA coast guards, working for BP now, are filling USA coastline with Corexit poisons.
– In the meantime, USA 7K troops with 46 war ships have evacuated USA corexit-oil waters and wedge themselves into Costa Rica, under some BS of fighting “drugs”.

Thanks to this chap with a cam doing the job of the west press bristly whore cabal, we can see that the baboon is now swimming in toxins for covered toxins with pretty BP-hurriedly-trucked sand are still toxins. Plus, burying the toxins with sand isn’t really a clean-up, now is it?

Busch II had once salivated over Iran’s, as he put it, being “awash with oil”.

XXL Baboons survey their oil beaches

End of April

End of June

Pensacola, Fluorida

How’s the baboon still at rest? Anyone?

Looserinna, 6May.

Mississippi delta, 7May.

Freemason Island, Looserianna, 6May.

USA vivocidal maniacs at work destructing our planet, Looserianna, 5May.

They call this “CLEANING” it here. Chandeleur Isle, Looserianna, 5May. And these wretched creatures wanted to rule our planet.

Some isle on Looserianna shores, this is just early May.

Looserinna coast, early June

The west beast has declared war on all life on this planet.

See more pics on this west vivocide here at NWO report site

spill tracking maps

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela – Nationalises 11 USA oil rigs.

H Chavez while hosting Syria’s B Assad: “We have common enemies: the yankee empire and the genocidal state of Israel”.

…to be cont’d as it all piles

Nation By Nation (21Jun10)

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11May-21Jun — On the eve of UK poverty measure announcement, the west-wide terminal prolapse is as obvious as it shall be after Loondon unveils its civil cuts in some pathetic hope to thereby extend their child-murdering reign on this planet. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan – In hope to prevent NATO break up and entice west war bankster junta into funding more of the war, USA top gen’l reveals the treasure trove found in Afghanistan strategically estimated at 1T USD. He tells the west media whores: “there’s a stunning potential”. Potential for what, dear general? To vampire? Quite clearly, all the drivel the west beast has given us about “liberating” the world is, by their own words total, total hogwash. The aim of the west beast can no longer even be blurry.
– Pentagram needs new “emergency” funding after the botched Helmand offensive of comrade Obama’s, which has delivered nothing but more defeat for the west heroin vampires.

E U EU – Germs and Frankensteins mull issuing Second-Citizen-EUro tender. They’re actually thinking of splitting the EUnuch zone with superEURO currency for the betters including the saxonic heart of west and commonEURO for the peripheral EUnuch slaves. One, two, three, or more currencies will save nothing.
– Vatican fiends force a girl their priest raped to apologise in public. West psychosis is so off-chart that even reporting on it seems like some sci-fi job.
– Pope, the west chief religious fiend and the west elected rep of their gods, promises — THIS IS NOT A JOKE — to stop molesting children.
– EC prez talks about the end of democracy in Greece, Portugal, and Spain. Is west on the verge of deploying tanks against themselves to keep their idyll going?

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks – Pension cuts announced.
– Working till 62, not 60, announced.
– Shuts down Hamas TV. So long as democracy is intact in the west cesspits.
– Le Monde put on the west-wide garage sale.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs – Investor confidence plunges. That’s odd, isn’t it? And Berloon took such stern measures to maintain the security of the EUnuchia tender.
– Herr Merkel wants punishments meted out to the insolvent nations now. There’s trouble in this line of thinking though for the most insolvent and most indebted in the whole of EUnuchia are Germs, UKians, and the Frankensteins. Yet, the Berloon dictate omits the saxonic war child-murdering core from these lunatic wetdreams.
– Buys names of germs hiving cash from Berloon in Swiss banks, yet again.
– Gap twixt the rich/poor growing as the west middle class vanishes in the west-wide terminal prolapse. Poverty is now an issue to 22% of germs.

What a sight: germs angry. Murdering children around the planet, leveling nations with DU to protect their “trade routes” is alright with these creatures. But touch their dildos, and the freckly monkeys from the Baltic marshes pile into the streets. This is Stuttfart, btw.

This is Berloon.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy –

Some 100K Italianians angry, 16Jun, Rome. These Italian poverty measures want to eke out 13B USD/yr. This is SILLY. It’s half what GoldSacks boys got in their last bonus — that’s just BONUS — round. It should be clear that #s clearly show that the poverty measures enacted across the west cesspits have NOTHING whatever to do with cash but the pretext for martial rule, as the west cesspits prolapse further.

E U - U K EU-UK – Poverty measures to zap 750K job, on a second estimate.
– Announces 2B GBP cuts even before THE emergency poverty measure announcement.

G E O R G I A Georgia – Saakashvilli’s charged by his west betters for his ties with Iran. Sooner all later, all west lapdogs fall out of grace.

I R A N Iran – Stops exports of zinc, copper, etc to those who voted yes with the west junta.
– Oil exports hit 850M bpm in Mar or 2,3M pbd. Chief clients are: Japan, China, S Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Spain, India, Dutch. Let’s hope comrade Obama’s sanctions do at least cover oil import and thus shut the taps for all his west lapdogs. Of course, as we already know, comrade Obama’s sanctions don’t affect west war junta businesses.

I S R A E L Israel – Iranian flotilla being met by 11 USA war ships, not to mention Israeli war ships for some showdown.

J A P A N Japan – Kan doubles sales tax to please IMF masters.
– As a goody good USA state, slaps sanctions on N Korea, without any investigation. Well, as Japan chose, Japan shall reap.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan – Uzbek prez says civil war in Kyrgyzstan caused by 3rd party but fails to name it.
– Bakiyev’s son got asylum in UK.
– Russia sent in paratroopers.
– Reserves mobilised.

2K dead, 500K displaced.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan – China makes nuke plant deal with Pakistan leaving USA gnashing fangs and slipping the odd typical vulgarity here and there.
– Comrade Obama murders 18 with drones, 11Jue. So far, he’s murdered some 1000 with drones since his war on Pakistan started in 2008.

R U S S I A Russia –
– S300 delivery to Iran is off again, as of 19Jun. Sideline: Judge Russia not from headlines, especially the english kind, but from results. And those are total and complete wall-to-wall terminal fiscal prolapse of all things west. None of it has been an accident.
– Gazprom bidding on the entire Azerbaijan gas.
– Frankensteins slither up to Moscow for SouthStream but Gazprom won’t be ceding 10% of stock to them as they had hoped.
– Unveils SU-T50, further gapping the west techno lag.
– Moments after Moscow says they believe in future of EUro, Medvedev slips saying that EUro collapse is a possibility and RBL could just become one of the world’s reserve currencies. West responds by media tarnishing Medvedev with own soiled stigma of “new world order globalisation” for allowing the RBL global reserve possibility. It’s hard to describe the west endless sordidness and use of its own stigmas on others.
– Lifts satellites for Ukraine, France, and Sweden.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland – Gives USA thousand more names so that comrade Obama can plunder some accounts.

T U R K E Y Turkey – Severs all ties with Israel, including zapping 16 mil agreements, 757M USD plane project, and 1,5B USD missile project.

U S A USA – Admits to 17-18K slaves/yr incl children trafficked to USA. This # was 50K a year ago. Either way, again, words fail to describe the west sordidness and the west disease.

Grotesquely mishappen NY students protest loss of free train passes. Our hearts are with you. :)

– 90 banks miss bailout repayment. There’s a shock. When the baboon misses hovel payment, the banks repo the hovel. Since all yank banks run off the baboon’s bailout cash, shouldn’t the baboon move into the banks evading the debt?
– NY state, living off bailout for 3 months now, threatens to shut down governance unless it gets more free cash. It runs with a deficit of near 10B USD now.
– Unemployment up by some 12K/May, keeping benefit roll at the steady near half a million (472K).
– This rolling half a mill reflects ONLY those baboons that get benefits. There’s 5X of those that don’t qualify and state admits dropping 1M unemployed from this benefit tracking/May, which means and proves that USA has long since given up on counting its unemployed.
– The vanishing act of trillions will not be investigated and the USA central bank, the magician in the case in point, won’t even be audited/asked about it, rules comrade Obama.
– Fan&Fred delist from NYSE posting 5T USD loss for 2008 and 2009 only. Tens of billions just weren’t enough for the prolapsed slumlords. They’re now advocating the razing of all the excess rental and housing inventory to bring the price up by artificially liquidating the supply.
– 83 banks laid to rest this yr, as of 20Jun. One USA banks now dies every 48 hrs.
– Fluorida boasts a backlog of 500K foreclosures now. Given the oil muck beaches, this is yet another predicament how to unload this unwanted rubbish.
– Minnesota reports arrest for credit card debt. Consider here that USA runs 13T USD in personal debt. This is NOT fed debt, which is touching 14T right now, but the collective baboon personal tab. How are they going to arrest all the insolvents?
– A spate of mil trainings against civilians, riot control, and mass arrests erupts. Now, why would this be?

This is how USA governance is dealing with rising unemployment. In the final stroke of irony, it’s the baboon tax cash that pays to put down the “terrists” with “FOOD NOW” placards. This is Alaska, 28Jun.

– Residential construction starts hit 52 wk low in May dropping 10%/month.
– Comrade Obama closes 3500 acres from the baboon in Arizona in the brewing 1st and 2nd class citizen battle.
– NASA boys, after abandoning having to make another moon movie, get into fortune telling and predict the end of world for 2013, clearly now taking advice from the Mayans.
– None of the USA financial issues however stop comrade Obama from printing another 33B USD for his anti-civilian terror wars around the planet.
– Comrade Obama deploys 1000 troops in Puerto Rico, in yet another Caribbean annexation. Sideline: TCI re-taken by UK was shortly followed by Haiti’s takeover by USA war elite.

Alabama’s slick new look

– Oil spill was known 2 months prior to its announcement. This explains and is supported by the stock dump of early Apr. And it means that the west creatures have pumped some 60-90K bpd into our oceans for 140 days. And this doesn’t take into account the millions of gallons of toxic chemicals to make it even worse, and the oil muck is still gushing.

Basic arithmetic tells us: Low flow estimate: 60K bpd; High flow estimate: 120K bpd; Mid flow estimate: 90K bpd (from end of May); 100K bpd used here (as that’s the latest most updated figure from the baboons); beginning leak moved 2 months back prior to announcement; we now have some 14M barrels ready to suffocate our oceans. That’s 56 Valdez-size disasters thus far. Valdez had wiped 2000 km of coastline and destroyed near 3M hectars of water. So multiply these #s by 56 to get the size of the destruction so far. Each 2,5 days add another Valdez. But not to worry, the oil vivocidal exec is looking at a 10M/yr pension.

Oil muck. They’re ladling this toxic stuff into someone’s backyard now. That’s right, some britzie oil firm is filling USA backyards with this. So far some 250 tonnes have been spread, probably to ensure even greater eco-calamity. And these creatures wanna run the world?

– USA closes 60M acres of coastal water. That’s a way to deal with it.
– FAA conspires with the vivocidal maniacs and closes parts of Gulf air space from the prying eyes.
– At the beginning of May, Looserianna clocked Hydrogen Sulfide at a whopping 1000+ ppb (parts per billion) and Benzene at 3400 ppb. Now, this is nearly 2 months ago now and Hydrogen Sulfide and Benzene are toxic at over 5 ppb. Oddly, the baboon isn’t concerned.
– Estimates place the destruction of the Gulf of Mex at 40%.
– Estimates place the daily gush at 120K bpd. It’s anyone’s guess now but it’s clear that the west media whores lied their usual 20X rate mid-April.

The toxic vapour has mixed with the water cycle giving USA death rain. This is Fluorida’s results of this new death rain phenomenon. Has there been any calls for mass evacuation? Astonishigly, USA is letting its own baboons inhale 100+ level of toxins without a single word of at least caution.

– Comrade Obama establishes some front escrow for BP to shelter it and the execs from prosecution so they can keep sailing their zillion dollar yachts. So long as priorities remain intact in Warshington.
– Comrade Obama deliberately compounded the unfolding eco-cataclysm: he refused other nation’s aid; gave BP a waiver on eco-regulations in 2009; delayed Looserinna protection measures AFTER the spill was announced. Possibly complicity?
– What appears to be highly strange, deliberate, and smacks of culpability here is the lack of side drilling to relieve the pressure of the leak. Could this be the event long since predicted in NBNs to create enough smokescreen for the west war junta to hide in as the west lands go prolapsed?
– Looserianna reports sickness, not just oil muck.

No wonder comrade Obama mobilised thugs to keep the baboon from the beaches.

– Burning oil with dolphins, turtles, the whole marine life.

Oil Joy Flight

Oil pics

…to be cont’d as it all piles

Nation By Nation (10Jun10)

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22May-10Jun — West-wide prolapse, which can no longer be denied even by the most bristly of the west neanderthals, makes NBN superfluous. But what the hell, here’s another run down of the marvelous west cesspit flushing down the bog. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan – Germ prez admits to all that west war in Afghanistan is about “trade routes”. Yes, as per Germ governance, murdering children around our planet is west’s business. Later, the prez had to leave office for further cementing the truth about the diabolical west disease.
– USA admits to 1K of their lot deaths. This must, of course, be multiplied by the nominal west deceit factor, which runs around 20X, explaining the west defeat in spite of comrade Obama invading troop surges.
– USA chopper down, 2Jun.
– USA chopper down, 9Jun, some 13 NATO invaders dead.
– 50 NATO trucks torched by Talib.

C H I N A China – Lends 500M USD to Mongolia, to keep the baboon out.
– Says S Korean ship sinking may be false-flag op.
– 23B USD oil deal with Nigeria.
– Tells USA copyright blithering fiends to shove off.

E U EU – Launch EUnuchbonds. Sideline: This was one of the 3 possibilities offered to EUnuchs under NBN May12. All 3 possible scenarios, including this one, were however made only to illustrate the sheer amusement and impossibility of averting the west-wide prolapse. Yet, EUnuchs, blessed with IQ tantamount to the yank creature, took it seriously, collapsing their periphery bond issuance and raising their central wank status to that of a governance. This does two things: it effectively wipes out the sole reason for being in the EUnuchia amalgam; and it turns EUnuch central bank into a governing body, soon to be granted EUnuch-wide taxation rights to pay for the EUnuchbonds monthlies.
– Boasts 10% unemployment, which is growing 15%/yr now. That’s some healthy union there, EUnuchs.
– EUro at 4 yr low v the dullar. The EUnuch wetdream can’t get much more laughable.
– NATO budget and troop cuts are tabled.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks – Celebrates poverty measure of losing pensions with a strike, 27May.
– Liquidates the right to retire at 60. It’s slavery till death for the west IMF cannibalistic vampire now.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs – 85B EUR/4 yrs cuts announced as poverty measures are ushered in. That’s savings of 21B EUR/yr, which won’t even cover a single west bankster bonus rounds.
– Among the poverty measures is the zapping of some 15K jobs.
– Cutting 40-100K troops from the NATO fiendishness. But who’s gonna protect the west trade routes?
– Hundreds more vatican pedophile rapes go public.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece – Advised by some UK think tank to leave EUro and default on 300B EUR. Although sound advice, this will not save EUro, dullar, or any part of the terminally prolapsing west.
– China’s investing up to 1B EUR into Greece as the prolapsing west cesspits are being pried apart.
– Seeking Libya’s aid. The west-wide fiscal gangrene has moved to physical crumbling of the west fiendish amalgam. The only way Berlin & IMF can hold their EUnuchium together is via tanks now.

Greece protests roll on

E U - H U N G A R Y EU-Hungary – Prolapses like Greece and ushers in poverty measures.
– Is made to withdraw its prolapse rhetoric and keep mouth shut as EUro responds with further prolapse.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy – Suspends mark-to-market to hide debt from EUnuch markets. This just for a joke.
– Ushers in poverty measures. Indeed IMF cannibal war against west has begun.

E U - P O L A N D EU-Poland – Deploys anti-Russian missile batteries.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania – Some 50K demonstrators protest poverty dictate in front of governance.

E U - S P A I N EU-Spain – Central bank takeover of a bank further knocks EUro making it clear that collectivisation is not the answer for west either.
– IMF bestows 15B EUR squeeze upon Spain and Spain governance gladly accepts it.
– 75% of public sector or 2M go on strike protesting the IMF dictate.

E U - U K EU-UK – Murder troops stay in Afghanistan despite earlier governance whinging about the cost.
– Governance warns “whole life to be disrupted” across the drizzly isle. Oh, indeed, for such is the fun of terminal prolapse.
– Poverty measures announce 300K job zappings over 4 yrs, which some 50K are immediate. The measures include some 15% slash in public budget and upping unemployment to 2,65M this yr and beyond that in future. The details to be revealed after “emergency budget” of 22Jun.
– NATO budget cuts of 10-15%/6 yrs are announced.
– Motorways go on the west-wide garage sale.
– Shooting spree leaves 12 dead, 2Jun.
– Bans doctor that linked thermisol shots with autism. That’s a way to solve it.
– Admits to having 225 nukes. Fails to admit how many it gave to Israel violating int’l treaties.

I R A N Iran – Gets slapped with UN’s 4th round of sanctions. Ahmadinejad: “sanctions count for nothing” is the response and indeed, since Russian companies or individuals are exempt among west elite business, such is the case. Chavez: “Israel massacres, kills, doesn’t comply with United Nations resolutions … and the United Nations acts as if nothing has happened.”

I S R A E L Israel – Attacks Freedom Flotilla, some 20 civilian vessels carrying Gaza aid to Palestine in int’l waters murdering tens of them and imprisoning some 700, 30May.

Response around the world was:
Ireland: “unacceptable”
Belgium: “regrettable”
Germany: “deeply concerned”
Russia: “barbaric”, “we condemn the act”, & urges UN resolution
Nicaragua: pulls diplos out of Israel
Iran: “Israel is a threat to global security”, “Hold USA & UK accountable”, demands UN resolution against Israel, sends more aid ships ready to rumble
Turkey: “death to Israel”, “Ready to go to war with Israel”, & pulls diplos
Venezuela: “act of war”, doesn’t pull diplos since they were already pulled in 2009
Greece: cancels airforce games with Israel
Israel: “perfectly humane”
USA: nods in agreement and tells west nations to tone down the anti-Israel rhetoric
UN: “Iran may have enough n-stuff for two nukes”

Turkey at Israel embassy as Israel pulls diplos.



Loondon. Now, since the ships sailed under the Irish & Greek flag, this is an attack against EUnuchia and NATO. Where are the NATO boys then? Oh, they’re protecting west drug fields in Afghanistan. Yes, west is THE disease.




USA, Warshington

4K Aussies, 2Jun, Sydney


France and her civilian dressed cops

France and her robocops

More pics

J A P A N Japan – Hatoyama & #2 step down.
– Before they go, they still manage to commit last assault to the free Japan movement by firing minister Fukushima.
– Kan steps in and immediately pledges lapdog-like obedience to USA.
– JapanAir suddenly prefers Boeing to Airbus. Yes, Japan stands re-raped.
– IMF ratchets up dictate increasing Japan sales tax to crush any anti-west ideas.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan – Stops fuel to USA war base. When the coup booted the pro-west governance, west media whores wrote that USA base future is “uncertain”, when, of course, it was “certain”, as NBN said and as we see now.

N I C A R A G U A Nicaragua – Opening embassies for S Ossetia and Abkhazia.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea – 100K rally against the west war provocations.

R U S S I A Russia – Launching metal exchange.
– Bomb kills 7, Stavropol, 27May.
– War games with Norway.
– Syria arms deal includes MiGs and navy equipment. West gnashes fangs and sputters the usual monosyllable vulgarities.
– Transdniestrian region and Moldova joining Ukraine/Russia trade zone.
– 3B EUR submarine deal with Vietnam.
– Just so happens to play war games by Koreas putting end to the west beast war wetdreams.
– Despite comrade Obama’s ban, Russia moves to drilling for oil in Cuba.

T U R K E Y Turkey – Erdogan and Putin announce no gas delivery to Israel via new gasline to Turkey.

Erdogan on Israel

U S A USA – 81 banks dead this year, 9Jun.
– Political meetings adjournments arrive due to rising civil unrest.
– ConnectiCUT gets its rating clipped, as its deficit reaches near 1B USD.
– Pennsylvania capitol mulls bankruptcy with its 70M debt.
– S Carolina cuts health, education, and sundry social programmes.
– Minnesota’s 12K nurses waddling about again with placards.

USA, rental vacancy up, home vacancy down… The trending here means that the baboon is taking refuge in its parent’s hovel basements.

– 46% baboons report debt stress. Indeed, just the personal baboon debt (credit cards, school & hovel loans) now sits at 13,5T USD today, or equal to the entire USA fed debt. Every single baboon carries now 80K USD in personal and state debt. To make it even more fun, consider that 30% of baboons have ZERO cash left.
– 290K baboons zapped from jobs/May.
– Baboon bankruptcies up 9%/May.
– 93K baboons have homes repo’d/May, a record. The hovel repo rate grows at 44%/yr now.
– Comrade Obama needs 84B USD more for wars. This is yet another 2-3 month ritual in west now.
– Comrade Obama is raising USA debt level, yet again. This is now a ritual every 2-3 months now. 6 months ago, the ceiling was at 9T, today, it’s at 14T — all time, solar system, and universal record. It’s in fact so funny that USA GDP (including the bank printed cash, which they add as income) shall be eclipsed by debt in the next budget.
– Comrade Obama solving USA debt by axing some 100K teachers across the USA. Just for a laugh.
– AIG with their 182B USD bailout will not be investigated now for toxic underwritings. How kind of comrade Obama.
– Germ report on CIA printing USA cash complicates USA claims that N Korea counterfeited dullars.

The redneck Riviera stretching from Taxes to Fluorida now boasts free all you can eat fish to entice the summer benzene seekers.

– “Top Kill” solution, of course, failed and oil keeps on gushing a Valdez-size spill every 60 hrs.
– Comrade Obama deploys 6000 troops to guard the USA muck coastline from photographers and press. Finally, a decisive act.
– Comrade Obama gives press a good tonking for asking about the spill.
– Comrade Obama begs BP to quit pouring Corexit9500 on his shorelines. There’s over 1M barrels now of this stuff washing the mighty US of A.
– Comrade Obama mulls oil-clean-up taxes. Clean up? A bit early, isn’t it?
– Fluorida reports oil/corexit9500 rain fall.
– Alabummer & Mississipiss report oil/corexit9500 coastline.
– Looserianna pronounces 50km of shoreline dead and gone, which means soon there’ll be zones that won’t require any clean up at all.
– GoldSacks sold 44% stock of BP 3 weeks prior to the announced explosion, which means it was leaking and unstoppably so since 1Apr, not 20Apr. This means the west eco-terrorists have poured over 28 Valdezes into our oceans.
– Oil spillers beg Russia for submarines and help.
– Univ of Florida discovers another oil plume. Now, since when are baboon students in charge of oil spill tracking? Shouldn’t this info come from comrade Obama?
– Oil cleanup estimated at 1,2B USD. They truly don’t understand #s in Baboonarium, do they?
– Oil-cleaners get sick from benzene exposure.

Apparently, second leak discovered

Spill pics, albeit with annoying music

…to be cont’d as it all piles

Nation By Nation (22May10)

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13May-21May — Perhaps not too amazingly, considering the indisputable innate cretinism of the west bristly lot enhanced by brutal TV and “education” brainwash, no one in west has so much as asked why is it that west has begun crumbling physically now, let alone answered it. No west media whore has asked how it could be that Greece with its pifly 530B USD entire external debt is suffering general strikes, while UK with its over 9T USD and Germs with 5,3T USD external debts are remaining in control of EUnuchia, as though their debts are meaningless. Yes, astoundingly, west is still concealing with diatribes of “market woes”, “bond yield spread”, and “speculative trading” the fact its currency was obliterated in May2006 across the board and the next stop is total wall-to-wall disintegration of all things and lands west. But more important even than this is the new milestone we’ve just crossed, incidentally also deliberately ignored by west media whores. And this would be the west genocidal war-obsessed machine, suffering defeats abroad and fatal fiscal lacerations, focusing its unusual proclivity to evil against own kind. Concealed as “poverty measures” organised terror against civilians is spreading across all west lands perhaps even faster now than the plumes of deadly sludge aimed to destroy our oceans gushing out of the west state-of-the-art eco-murder machines. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan – ~30 invaders killed, 14May, in chopper downing.
– Bagram base attacked, 20May.
– 55 occupiers killed, 11May, 3 choppers.
– Nuristan occupier’s base captured.
– 7 germ occupiers killed, 21May.

B R A Z I L Brazil – In Moscow seeking expanded coop and dumping euro and dullar from trade twixt the two nations.
– Tells west to shove the Iran sanction drivel. This is after west media whores touted Lula’s visit to Iran with puffy headlines like “last chance for Iran”. Indeed, west lives in permanent and total disconnect.

C H I N A China – Deepens coop w/ N Korea. This development is particularly ugly for west. It’s so ugly, in fact, it hasn’t made west media rabid barking.
– Buys 17B USD more USA t-bills owning 877B USD of USA debt. Which state of the USA union was promised to Beijing this time?

E U EU – Poverty measures enacted basically all over EUnuchia. This marks the beginning of west’s last chapter. Sideline: Hitherto, we’ve enjoyed the west industry vanishing as the west child-murdering war junta consolidated west’s assets via “bailout” and cash printing schemes. Now, it’s lockdown measures for all west BBCNN genocide choir monkeys. It should be clear that austerity measures aren’t about saving money — for simple arithmetic exposes the folly of such thinking — but about the very tightening the screws of the west monkey cages — an essential prelude to the terminal west wall-to-wall prolapse. Further, it should be clear that EUnuchia is no more. The basic premise of EUnuch central wank loaning euros to members is overwith and so is the sovereign rule of the caught nations as EUnuch central wank moves to governance role.
– West betters love flummoxing their cretinous neanderthal subjects with sport analogues — that way no EUnuch understands a thing but EUnuch leaders can’t technically be faulted for not raising the issue. In this laughable manner, EUnuch junta tell EUnuch plebes that “EU rulebook is rewritten”. Indeed, the 4 month EUnuchia vampire is perhaps the most embarrassing of all empire building attempts.
– Euro plunges to 4 yr low and markets plummet despite the poverty measures and supranational bailout. EUnuchs scratch their bristly skulls wondering how so.
– Other EUnuchs go into a new frisson of hoarding S African krugerrands, little gold pieces. Yes, it’s panic for economy across all lands west today.
– West exchanges plummet 3rd day, 21May. The quake rattles exchanges on both sides of the Atlantic. Watch west move to simple shut down exchanges in some clever way.

First, this chart is produced in its colour pentagramic beauty by BIS, west wank that once funneled cash to Hitler from nations hiving their cash before the west invasion of 1940. But… where’s UKians on the graph? Where’s Germs? Where’s Frankensteins? They’re only on the chart as creditors of these PIIGS. But how could that be? So who does UK owe its over 9T USD to? Franks 5T? Germs a bit over 5T? These are TRILLIONS. Just among the top three EUnuchs, we have external debt of 20T USD, or 3-4X that of all of the PIIGS that are charted here. Second, the chart just shows the EUnuch debt of PIIGS to the EUnuch rulers, nothing more! Facts omitted from this pretty chart are: PIIGS’ EUnuch-debt is one third only of their total external debt; UK, French, and Germ debt eclipses PIIGS EUnuch-only-debt by 10X or by 1000%, if you prefer. So why the chart that omits key factors in west-wide prolapse? It should be clear, despite all the west media whore rants against PIIGS and the general 2nd citizens of the EUnuchia amalgam, the root of west prolapse is the saxonic core: UK, Germs, and Frankensteins with their unsolvable 20T USD collective external debt. And again, this should highlight that all the austerity measures enacted against EUnuch peripheries are NOT about saving 6B EUR in the next 2 yrs but about the unusual physical brutality and design-poverty being turned inward on the west cesspits, a symptom of the west-wide terminal prolapse. For amusement reasons: west (sampled by PIIGS + The_Three_Pretty_EUnuchs + USA) runs external debt of 40T USD at the moment while the Freeworld (sampled by China, Russia, and free SouthAm (say Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela)) runs external debt of 1T USD. This means that a person of the Freeworld owes a pifly 600 USD while each and every baboon owes 63K USD or roughly 100X or 10K% more, if so preferred. Considering these facts, debating PIIGS debt is totally immaterial in terms of the west terminal rot. (Bigger pic here at globalreseach)

E U - B E L G I U M EU-Belgium – As claims of christianic pedophile rape explode, even the west pope, our resident nazi-boy, caves in and admits pedophile guilt on behalf of west religion. No, there is no west civilisation. There’s never been. It’s just disease, rancid, disgusting, freckly, neanderthal, genocidal, and vivocidal at that.

E U - F I N L A N D EU-Finland – Receive warning on coming poverty measures.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks – Threatens to dump euro. Sideline: The funniest farce and grandest of ironies of it all is that the chief EUnuchia objective, as printed in bold on their site, was to prevent all wars among the war-loving EUnuch kind. Indeed, the very crazed “peace mission” known as Grand EUnuchia, created on the Irish double-vote, is now the reason for much fist pounding and raised voices among the west war junta.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs – Funky political chair bouncing propels poverty measures forces with specific idea of cutting kindergarten aid. Indeed, the vote against Herr Merkel has been used to usher in poverty dictate.
– Doctors plan a week strike demanding higher wage. Don’t they read what’s happening with west?
– Herr Merkel owns up that the 1T EUR print did nothing but “buy EUnuchs time”. Indeed, what it did is bought the elite investors in EUnuchia a bit more time to get out. The west creatures printed 1T EUR actually hoping to save the entire EUnuchia while just their NWO elite child-murdering war industries and central saxon banks have already sunk over 20T EUR in the west-wide bailout scheme. West is so challenged by even the simplest forms of math that the entire ruling cabal, not to mention monkey subjets, can’t compare 1 to 20 and with certainty identify the larger problem of the two.
– Germ fiscal dictators ban short-selling with other opportunities that could result in accelerating west fiscal death and calls for penalties for insolvency. Oddly, that would put Germs at the top but somehow they’re exempt from their own rules. Even the toughest of adrenalin-seeking market gamblers run as gambling rules are ripped up like int’l treaties by the west war-seeking lunacy.

Germ only imperial demand is the fiscal markets. If satisfied, peace shall be preserved and Poland can rest easy. UK, Germ, and Frankensteins are now meeting to decide EUnuchs future. If they decide to grant Germs their small demand like in 1938… well, you know the story.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece – Explosion rocks Athens amid nation-wide uprising, 14May.
– 20K march on the parliament shouting “come out, you thieves”, 20May, during general strike.
– 10K march in Thessalonika, 20May.
– 4th general strike freezes Greece, 20May.

Greeks and state cops.

– In hope to quell the general uprising, PM makes vague promises of action against USA banksters and of governance corruption clean up. That’s right, the EUnuch-tilted governance that’s brought Greeks some 530B debt, asks Greeks to pay for it while promising not to be corrupt this time. The daily west comedy cannot be invented.
– PM turns to Arab world begging for cash. So the islands are going to Arabs then? This may make Germs — who are blessed with sea shores so frigid and hostile that they’re forced to dig holes in which they hide from the blistering Baltic winds when tanning their freckles — a wee bit angry. The fun thing is, however, that despite his best efforts to remain the outstanding pole-dancing proxy of west, the PM may soon be finding himself out of favour anyhow.

E U - P O R T U G A L EU-Portugal – Follows Spain in bestowing ravaging poverty measures announcing increased vat and wage tax, and some 5% pay cut, and the usuals with pensions and benefits.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania – Poverty measures include public pay cut of 25%. Pension cut of 15%, 15% cuts in benefits, and some initial 250K jobs being zapped to please the IMF dictators.
– 50K protest in Bucharest chanting “down with lying governance”.
– Econ minister pelted with stones after TV appearance.

E U - S P A I N EU-Spain – Enacts poverty measures with 5% pay cuts across public sector & pension cuts. Zapatero hopes to save 15B EUR/2 yrs with the measures. Now, let’s do simple arithmetic. That’s 6B EUR/yr. GM took 5B USD AFTER it went bankrupt and 25B USD a few weeks prior. 6B EUR is currently some 8% of USA’s MONTHLY deficit or per annum some 6/10ths of USA’s deficit. Can’t Zapatero count? No amount of poverty measures can even begin to hope to refill the west war junta sacked coffers or slow down the astronomically off-scale deval trend. Indeed, poverty measures aren’t about saving cash but about the pretext under which west prolapses into poverty state-run lockdown. The reason for the concentration camps strategically strewn around west oughtta be a bit clearer now.
– 15K call for nation-wide strike in protest, 16May.
– Bond sale or fund raising fails and is cut short 1,5B EUR of its target raising Spain a whopping 6,5B USD. That’s barely enough for a single west firm bankruptcy bonus. West #s perhaps best illustrate the tremendous disconnect from reality the west neanderthal suffers.

E U - U K EU-UK – New governance takes but a few minutes to announce poverty measures, as dictated by central wank, which will be followed by new “emergency” budget. UK measures hope to initially recover 6B GBP per year. That’s an astounding full 2,5% of just the quantitative easing heist.
– Governance warns of more poverty measures claiming new hidden lacerations.
– BratAir annual loss grows 15% to 425M GBP as revenues shrivel 11% in the same time.

Fattened off the permanent rape of our planet, they dare protest the 20% loss of their school funds. It should be reminded that west school books teach these obese abominations that fuel can vapourise Boeings; that west owns the planet; that UK fought against Hitler in WWII; that Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas just one day vanished into thin air; that UK is liberating Iraq and Afghanistan; etc. And they ask for sympathy?

I C E L A N D Iceland – Banksters being rounded up for the wipe out of 50% of Iceland’s wallet and the sinking of the island.

I R A N Iran – Makes n-fuel swap deal with Brazil and Turkey. Now west has lost even the front row seat to the Freeworld’s happenings.
– Brazil visits Tehran and deepens coop in areas of trade increasing by some 10B USD. And west had hoped this meeting would push Iran against the wall.
– “The truth is that some countries, which dominate world’s media, econ, and politics don’t want others to progress. Together we can overcome these unfair conditions and change the current unfair world order”. — Ahmanidejad during the Brazil meeting.

I R A Q Iraq – News feed seems broke again. See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for more.

J A P A N Japan – 17K protest at USA occupation base.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan – Bakiev supporters take over governance building and 2 airports, 14May. Another fruit revolt by west perhaps, in hope to keep the genocide base?
– Clashes erupt as some of the pro-Bakievs mob brandishes machine guns. 1 killed.

N O R W A Y Norway – 1150 cleaners go on 1st strike in 24 yrs in Oslo.
– King of Norway hopes for deeper econ and cultural coop with Iran. Odd, no “strong condemnation” from west?

P A L E S T I N E Palestine – Israel murders a teenager in West Bank, 14May.
– See Israeli human rights violations 13May-19May on

R U S S I A Russia – Meets with Hamas and recognises Hamas’ role in Middle East. West is so beyond furious, it rarely brings this up.
– States the long since evident truth: after Obama comes war. Indeed, comrade Obama was put in only to usher in the prolapse and bend culpability.
– Moves to build Turkey a nuke plant. West is so prolapsed, it doesn’t even do its routine round of the BBCNN rabid barking.
– Arms Syria against west war wetdreams. This is a particularly painful slap across west snout but it comes at a time when west doesn’t even have time to notice it.
– While west banters about Iran sanctions, Russia moves to develop uranium reserves in Namibia.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea – War threats exchanged with north neighbours regarding the recent ship sinking. Comrade Obama chimes in with “strong condemnantions” of N Korea. Odd, yet Thailand massacres don’t illicit any reaction in west.

T H A I L A N D Thailand – Unable to quell reds with promises of distant “free” elections, state mobilises armoured trucks against the red shirts murdering one. Violence erupts as Abhisit justifies the state killing.
– Red general sniper’d by state during protest.
– As of 17May, state clashes claim 36 and wound at min 230.
– As of 20May, 14 dead, 400 wounded, after military attacks civilians.
– As of 21May, at least 50 dead. Governance tries new quelling overtures on TV.
– Governance enacts curfews.
– Stock exchange set on fire shuts down early, 19May.
– Governance enacted “live fire zones” and promises more violence, 17May. West gleefully watches their anti-civilian massacre puppets in action in hope to regain the bastion nearly lost under west-coup2006-ousted Thaksin who steered the west-subjugated nation China-way.

T U R K E Y Turkey – Erdogan writes comrade Obama a letter to drop the Iran sanction rubbish and instead accept the Turkey-Iran-Brazil deal, or the effective diplo west-lockout on the matter. Sideline: Even if comrade Obama’s one-sided sanctions are accepted by the UN genocidal watchers, it matters none for even Russian S-300 delivery to Iran has also been exempted from the “crippling” west-sanctions. Yes, all west moves today are no more than squeals of a castrate so many octaves above the mid-C that even dogs in the streets find it hard to be roused.

U K R A I N E Ukraine – Timoshenko under investigation for governance fund games.

U S A USA – Sends 50B USD EUnuch-way to maintain the west idyll pretense for a few more days.
– May deficit of 83B USD clocks 4X laceration that of Apr and marks another record in the west prolapse.
– 1 in 3 — that’s THREE now — baboon homes w/ mortgage are under water or worth less than the note on it.
– Mortgage delinquency rises near 10%/Q1 y2y, which is also another record.
– 4,6% mortgages are in foreclosure, which is also another record.
– 8% mortgages are in pre-foreclosure, which is also another record.
– Boots some qtr million baboons out of their homes repo’ing 92K of them in Apr, which is also another record. What a trend! This makes it some 350K homes taken over by wanks in 2010, or some 1M baboons relocated to tents and streets.
– Governance, after hearing Pentagram’s laments, declares national emergency over baboon obesity in fear that there’ll be no baboons to refill the west war child-murdering ranks.
– Wall street ruptures with another scam. This time it’s a near 3T USD municipal bond in some 200 deals across the USA union.
– Comrade Obama responds to all this by warning that “terrists” are hiding in USA and plans to root them out at any cost. Be it EUnuchs or USA, the dictatorship focus is invariably shifting inward and only in line of martial dictate.

Redneck Riviera readies for high season. If only it were just oil. This has some chemical “dispersant” added to it making certain it’s the greatest eco-attack on our planet ever.

– Comrade Obama sends his nuke experts to the leaking oil rig. Looks like they’re going to nuke Gulf of Mexico now. If they do, they’ll find themselves wishing for the good ol’ days when they destroyed the gulf with just the permanent leak. Oddly, comrade Obama has been unable to spin this one into perhaps: free oil to all baboons party, bring your own bucket.
– Oil leak firm wants to limit its insured liability, which is at pifly 500M USD, to the astounding 27M USD. Are these numbers unreal? Compare this to the latest west bankster bonus round.
– Leak gushes at 95K bpd. Some numbers put it at 80K. We finally arrive at the typical west lie factor of 20X used nominally everywhere by west, be it west econ or west war losses.
– Loseriana shores report oil sludge arrival.
– Fishing ban extended to 20% of Gulf of Mexico.
– The vivocidal west said the gulf is “big” and the leak “tiny” a week ago. Today they’ve moved to saying that “oceans are big” and the leak “tiny”.
– Governance moves to crack down on filming the damage along the USA redneck riviera and “scientists” reporting the size and reasons for the vivocide.
– USA coast guard is guarding oil coast from USA journalists now, taking orders from BP. This is like 911, isn’t it?

The west eco-dictators at work replacing Gulf of Mexico with 95K bpd of oil sludge enhanced with design vivocidal chemicals. This means that thus far they’ve pumped some 3M barrels into the gulf since 20Apr, equivalent to a dozen of Valdez-size disasters. And it further means that west is giving our planet a Valdez-size disaster every 60 hrs now — with no end in sight. On 20May, comrade Obama took a resolute action and sent a letter to BP. Words fail to even begin to describe this sci-fi world of the west disease.

– But the baboon remains unmoved. After all they’ve got other worries as unemployment claims jump 5%/month to the routine full rank of 500K that receiving the rolling “aid”.
– Poverty measures cross the Atlantic as the idea of federal medical care rations is tabled. Of course, no baboon understands the fun of this one.
– 45 states slash education, health, and poverty assistance.
– 30 states usher in sales tax rises and a gamut of new fees.
– 42 states slash pays and turn to massive layoffs.
– New Dork state announces over 1B USD cuts in education laying off 15K teachers.
– Michigone’s Detrot boasting 50% effective unemployment moves to closing 45 schools and razing slums, the ugly reminders of the capitalist experiment gone hideously wrong.
– Illnoise with 13B USD deficit zaps preschool programmes and low-income aid pushing some 11K+ into imminent homelessness.
– Califiendia moves to poverty measures with 15% pay cut; medical, disability cuts; 600M in food stamp cuts (that’s a good way to keep food stamp graph from rising off the chart); education freeze on funding; and a massive state garage sale of buildings and other hoarded assets. Sideline: Califiendia hopes to save 12B USD per year with its poverty measures. That’s ONLY half of the most recent USA bankster bonus. If only baboons understood simple numbers, they too could enjoy the amusement of the west wall-to-wall terminal prolapse.
– The state of Taxes, literary awash in oil, announces poverty measures with over 1B USD cuts in medical care and the usuals. And this is before the free-oil-on-all-beaches tax that will soon eat the entire west wallet several times over.
– State-level fissures appear as Califiendia battles Airzona in energy and cash boycotts.
– 12K nurses in Minorsota waddle in circles protesting their poverty measures. Just for laugh.
– Personal bankruptcies rise 27%/y2y in Mar to 1,5M.

Very FUN graph! Pour a pint and cheer it! This is the credit debt of the baboon households. Note it equals the USA’s federal debt of basically 14T USD. Living in the land of lunatic made up numbers was all well so long as the dollar monopoly was intact. But since its death in May2006, these #s are real and add up to one thing and one thing only: total wall-to-wall west-wide terminal prolapse.

– 72 banks buried, 14May.
– While the baboon’s medical care, pension, and everything is taken away, comrade Obama found cash to buy Israel new missile defensive shield. The baboon remains unmoved.
– While the baboon’s medical care, pension, and everything is taken away, comrade Obama needs 80B USD for summer upgrade of his 5K nuke missile arsenal. So long as priorities of west war junta remain intact.
– Comrade Obama’s Iran-sanctions prove laughingly tricky even in USA, as the war junta elite big biz — incidentally, which is all that’s left in west — doesn’t much care for the idea, threatening massive layoffs and authority questioning, of losing such a solvent client. Watch comrade Obama save face by enacting sanctions with waivers for Russia and west big biz. It should be clear that such sanctions are not sanctions but enactment of big USA biz monopoly protectionism on Iran. Like banking, industry, war, bailout, insurgent, media, conspiracy, sanctions now too have been perverted to mean the exact opposite in west.
– Comrade Obama’s angry about India doing biz with Iran. May have to write more waivers.
– Comrade Obama’s drones murder 5 in Pakistan, 16May.
– Detrot police murders 7 yr child sleeping on a sofa as they raid her parent’s house.

A Jones was murdered in a military-scale attack on a household while the raid was being filmed for baboon reality TV entertainment. No “strong condemnantion” from comrade Obama?

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela – Nationalises food producer firm, most of which was Mexican holdings.

…to be cont’d as it all piles


Nation By Nation (12May10)

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1May-12May — The beautiful desperation and also the remarkably off-scale fiendishness of the sinking west cesspits are best seen perhaps in the gem of EUnuchs moving their rumps, rather quickly, to try to bailout — not a factory, not a industry, not a nation — but the whole of the entire crazed Grand EUnuchia 24-language-blabbing amalgam, with the first pifly round of 1T EUR. The scenario of buying up EUnuch bonds to prevent default was a joke posted here but the west child-murdering cretins took the nonsense seriously, enacting it, and pretending it’s all swell now in their gangrened billboard lands. They, of course, missed the point of the comment, which explained the terminal folly of the path the EUnuch finds itself on right this second. Let’s watch them learn the hard way. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan – USA chopper down adorned with many invader casualties.
– Bomb kills 2 USA troops, 11May.

B O L I V I A Bolivia – Morales liberates 4 more electric power plants from the west beast talons. 80% of power is now controlled by Bolivia. UK gnashed its fangs: “it’s disappointing”.
– Claims surface west is behind union threats of open-ended strikes for not agreeing with only 5% pay rises.

C H I N A China – Launching 700M USD credit fund with S Korea & Japan.

E U EU – Prodded by Greek unraveling and perhaps also by 1 yr euro low vs the gangrene dullar, moves EUnuchs to total psychosis. EUnuchs, in hope to soften the looming default, print up 1T EUR to buy up the outstanding unpayable bonds (or simply put pay their elite war junta). In one mighty rattle of a cash printer, this makes the EUnuch central wank the one and only governance of EUnuchia dictating not only bond yields now but also deciding who needs cash or austerity, while castrating all EUnuch governances. Of course, buying bonds achieves absolutely nothing for EUnuchs other than preemptively channeling the bailout into the pockets of the west war junta before EUnuch-wide default could threaten the heist. Printing 1T, 2T, or 30T is immaterial. West remains out of industries, resources, and war targets.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks – Unlike Spain, Latvia, and Portugal that join Romania in getting preemptively punished with Berlin austerity dictate, Frankensteins manage to evade fiscal penalties. It’s nice to see that EUnuchia like the Baboonarium is at last clearly stratified into fiscal slaves, 2nd class citizens, and the pretty christianic child-murdering ubermensch. Stratification of this kind is necessary as it always precedes, shall we say, int’l tension.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs – Retail shrivels 2,4%/Q1. This while the west abacus wielding charlatans forecast 2/10th growth. Like cruelty, evil, and violence, stupidity too comes in unlimited and inexhaustible quantities in west.
– Herr Merkel governance calls for suspension of EUnuch votes unless Berlin austerity dictate gets its way.
– Herr Merkel’s cave-in on what’s erroneously termed a Greece bailout irks the eternally selfish and self-absorbed Germ. Votes against her christianic saxonic power grip pile in on a sudden.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece – 6May, governance rips Greek budgets with another 30B EUR laceration, as EUnuchs with IMF lend 160B EUR to tie Greece over their 3 yr defaults. It means some 11-12+% of GDP/yr additionally rinsed out of Greece per annum or something that’s simply not poss. The general uprising supports the simple math that somehow eludes the west saxonic freaks.

Why are Greek cops fighting? Don’t they get “austerity” castration is aimed at them as well?

– 6May, clashes continue.
– 3 die as bank gets attacked in protests in Athens, 5May.
– PM responds by saying: “Nobody has the right to violence that leads to murder.” Odd, it’s as though he missed west admission that its violence has led to the murder of 1M civilians in Iraq only. Yes, west is no more than a sick joke theatre today.
– Nation-wide strike, 5May.
– Protesters interrupt TV broadcast, 4May.
– PM calls for political unity to fight the general uprising and puts military on standby.

Fear of polarisation within west sends west stock exchange charades into convulsions forcing artificial trade cancellations and subsequent control.

Greek uprising, 1May.

Not too an enviable position, that of a west cop today. On the streets they’re targeted by the general anger and behind the scenes they’re fiscally targeted by the governances they serve.

Athens, 1May.

E U - L A T V I A EU-Latvia – Proudly boasts 23% unemployment, keeping instep with Spain and, of course, the very Baboonarium.
– Public wages shrivel 25% in 2 yrs.
– Retail shrivels 30%/yr.
– Further 9% of GDP rinse planned for the remainder of this year. Such are the perks of living under the west whip.

E U - N E T H E R L A N D S EU-Netherlands – The west monster admits to spilling 14K tonnes of oil in Niger Delta last year devastating the region still further. That’s doubling the ongoing eco-vivocidal devastation in one year. Yes, west is THE disease and the eco-vampire is working around the clock systematically destructing our planet.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania – IMF preemptively imposes austerity measures with 25% public sector pay cuts. Such is the beautiful life under the west whip.
– Protests erupt, 7May. Unions call for nation-wide strikes.

E U - U K EU-UK – The nonsense back-slapping behind-the-scenes dealings that poodles, like the rest of the west freakishness, have for “elections” see Brown out and Cameron in.
– Independent newspaper picked up by some Russian on the west-wide garage sale.

H A I T I Haiti – West enslaves the earthquake torn island. Parliament is expired and the butcher of Yugoslavia makes Haiti his private island annexing it and the billions rinsed under the earthquake aid scams. It’s slavery in sweatshops and textile concentration camps now, all slaving for the baboon kind. This is oddly timed with UK’s re-rape of TCI, Africa land purchases via Saudi, and recent USA Puerto Rico takeover prattle. Is the west monster trying to rebuild some low-cost assembly line alternative for China?

I R A N Iran – Unveils own defence system against cruise missiles and all sorts of low altitude flying thingies.
– Doubles gas exports/Q1. Has 2nd largest gas reserves. No wonder west wanted it so.
– Reveals anti-sub torpedo. This is particularly bad since west fleets have a hard time not crashing into one another in the Hormuz strait without being shot at and underwater at that.

“Abandon your stubbornness; live with other nations based on justice and friendship, like human beings; leave the region; leave Afghanistan; leave Iraq; withdraw to your borders and mind your own business,” Ahmadinejad tells west, 12May. Pause for a second. Consider the change that has taken and is taking shape before our very eyes. Iran was slated for west takeover a decade ago when west launched its final crusade to re-conquer our whole planet dictating which nations get to die, which remain alive as slaves of west, and which are going to be harvested for organs to prolong the wretched lives of the west grotty obese freckly christianic pedophiles. Apart from 911 and London77 self-abuse, it’s relatively safe to say that no part of the west NWO globalisation Busch II & Bliar sordid wetdreams has materialised — and some might say that even the NYC and London crimes were pretty sloppy. Ponder the size of these truly globe-changing factors at play here and you’ll see that the series of west grand defeats and the exponential slide down its fiscal abyss are no accidents, but rather the results of carefully orchestrated and thusfar brilliantly executed exorcism.

I S R A E L Israel – Maimed 6500 children in the recent Gaza genocide. No word from UN? Strange, isn’t it?

J A P A N Japan – Hatoyama admits he’s incapable in the matter of stopping the USA occupation. Breaking his chief pledge is noted with an approval plunge to 24%. Isn’t there a samurai left on the island?

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan – Coup chased out PM charged with mass murder.
– Elections set for Oct.
– Opens investigation into 2M-tonne bribe deal to fuel the USA base used in support of the west’s genocide of Afghanistan.
– Comrade Obama hurriedly sends 15M USD for his mil base rent.

R U S S I A Russia – Lula in Moscow seeks Brazil-Russia further coop on the usuals: mil, econ, & power.
– Doing coop with Turkey & Syria.
– Launching Iran’s satellite.
– Gears S400 missiles for production this autumn. System’s said to be 3X efficient than any other.

S Y R I A Syria – Comrade Obama extends sanctions on Syria.
– And so Russia initiates mil, econ, and nuke power coop.
– Asks Russia for help to denuke Israel.
– Doing coop with Turkey. Yes, indeed, west sanctions work charmingly.

T H A I L A N D Thailand – Abhisit offers elections in late fall if only reds go home but they want the head of deputy for 25 deaths in last month’s riots. Oddly, yellows too want Abhisit out, albeit for a different reason: for not dealing with reds in a swifter manner.

U N UN – Maiming of children by the west beast is a non-issue for the planetary west symposium of “health”. Instead, WHO wants to tax internet activity. Slight departure from their UN mission? Yes, west is THE disease in all its manifestations, colours, forms, shapes, and reincarnations.

U S A USA – 7May, in concert with Greece uprising, trade exchanges get shut down by governance and remain artificially propped as the EUnuch official prolapse quakes the whole of the west cesspits.
– The fun news is that USA governance members will remain free to employ their inside trading skills. That’s right, it’s legal for USA west junta to do what west peasants go to jail for.
– But the baboon peasant doesn’t bother with that. It has other worries now. Food rises near 2,5%/Mar marking the biggest jump in 26 yrs.
– And that’s just when 1 out of 8 baboons now depends for its dear life on governance food stamps.

The food stamp USA populace grows to a pretty round number of 40M. The chart sadly only shows the wonderful trend through 2008.

– Tax season brings disappointment as receipts in Califiendia and Mississippiss are below par 26% & 8% respectively.
– 68 banks pronounced dead in 2010, 8May. That’s 1 bank or ~1B USD every 48 hrs getting the flush now. To the baboon, that’s “recovery”, however.
– USA treasury announced its need to rather quickly somehow wrangle some 90B USD out of the baboon banks. This with the recent 20B USD handed out in bonuses to the USA banksters. But again, baboon, no friend of arithmetic, rests unperturbed.
– So broke in fact that it asks Cuba for 6B USD in blackmail to lift the embargo.
– FanMae loses 11,5B USD/Q1 having been given free 76B USD before the next round of 8,5B USD it needs to survive a bit longer.
– FredMac loses 6,7B USD/Q1 having been given free 50B USD before the next round of 10,6B USD it needs to survive a bit longer. Not blessed with a mind that understand numbers, the yank baboon remains unperturbed.
– It’s no wonder then that 96,5% or all of residential baboon mortgages are subsidised by USA governance. That’s right, the entire USA realty market is a governance scam sinking in its own mire as 1 out of 4 homes are underwater or worth less than the note on them.
– But that’s not all! USA commercial realty prices post a fun shrinking of 42% since 2007, when the first visible rot was noticed following the beautiful 2006 dullar nuking.
– Plus, all commercial realty is now underwater. Some 13T USD (that’s TRILLION or say 13 EUnuchia-wide bailouts) spread across the FDIC catalogue ready to go bust. Just the learning curve on this fun particularity of the west-wide prolapse is enough to perplex the baboon from here on.
– Continental and United figure merging their debts will help them fly through their prolapse. So far no word on the extent of redundant job zaps.
– Cutting 275K “education” jobs across 49 states.

Another healthy trend. This is civilian baboons unemployed for 27 wks or better.

– While angry over Iran’s pursuit of nuke energy, boasts it has over 5K nukes. Slight double standard there? Further, it states Israel doesn’t need to disclose its nuke arsenal, in a silly off-the-cuff confirmation that indeed west has been nuclearising Israel against int’l treaties.
– Comrade Obama, west adorned symbol for peace, widens drone murders in Pakistan, achieving 10 murders on 9May.
– Pentagram laments over obesity running rampant among the young baboons fearing they’re no longer capable of slipping into the standard issue fatigues.
– Admits to having pumped 4M gal into Gulf-of-Mexico. This is, of course, a lie. Let’s see how big a lie, shall we? They’re pumping some 25K and possibly as much as 60K barrels into the gulf each and every single day since 20Apr. The low estimate puts it then at near 60M litres by now. So the vivociders are lying then at minimum 400%.
– The oil slick has reached the shores of Taxes, Loseriana, and AlObama, enhancing now most of the baboon riviera. And these grease monkeys wanted to dictate ecology?
– Further admits to pumping 7K barrels of some chemical dispersant into the gulf to make certain this is truly the greatest eco assault on our planet yet.
– Comrade Obama’s dispatched air force to combat the oil rig leak. Of course, that act of desperation had also failed.
– Gives 5K USD, that’s 5000, to fishermen for having to wade through the oil muck.
– Comrade Obama appoints a judge to USA top court who has no judge experience. What’s the qualification then? The appointment is one of GoldSacks’ own. Yes, comrade Obama wants the banksters to run it all now.
– Loses NorthAm IntelSat satellite, which is now adrift in orbit. And these grease monkeys wanted to dictate technology?
– Newsweek on the west-wide garage sale.

…to be cont’d as it all piles


Nation By Nation (30Apr10)

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8Apr-30Apr — Not long ago, the west beast became busy printing cash to “bailout” its subprime lenders. Soon the “contagion” — west’s latest in its endless word bending perversions — spread to the central west elite banks. Tens of trillions have been sunk on both sides of the Atlantic west animal occupied territories into what west calls banking. Then west feverishly printed hundreds of billions to try save at least its most elite big concerns and the vampire charade called Wall Street. The trend of the west terminal prolapse has long been as indisputably clear as marvelous but today we enjoy the cherry on top of the west flushing party cake. Yes, today west has moved to pumping hundreds of billions into “bailing out” entire nations. West prolapse is no longer a matter of just some industrial sectors dying off. It’s entire countries drowning now in the west’s own mental manure and the general west saxonic christianic child-murdering syphilitic tradition. And so top off your goblets, Freeworld, and three cheers to the latest in the west beast’s most lovely demise. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan – 9Apr, yank chopper down, 4 dead.

A R G E N T I N A Argentina – Strikes first weapon deal with Russia. Another one arming up against the crazed west pedophile christianic sodomy-loving fiends.

B O L I V I A Bolivia – Planning a bond sale, first one in 70 yrs. As opposed to any west bonds, these are backed by the largest lithium reserves, something the west beast only dreams about.

B R A Z I L Brazil – Will vote against west’s rabid sanction ideas on Iran. This isn’t the world west had imagined, is it?, when Bliar and Busch II launched their world terrorist assault in 2001.

C H I N A China – Comrade Obama follows, in the unique west schizo way, his twee overtures with duty on China steel for not going along with his Iran sanction madness.
– China responds with slapping tariffs on USA meat import and comrade Obama ratchets duties on Chinese paper. Is comrade Obama actually thinking he can win this one?
– Making furthering coop overtures to Cuba.

E U EU – Looks like even the planet has had enough with this saxonic offal. Eyjafjallajokull volcano shuts down west monkey travel and bites near 3B EUR out of their revenue in just a week.
– Christianic systemic child rape spreads across the west cesspits with charges surfacing in Ireland, Austria, Germia, USA, and Italy. Current and old pope, the head of the west pedophile religion, are both implicated in the mind-stopping sickness. To illustrate the disease the west is, consider that USA-based christianic pedophile, after convictions, was removed from his position and put into a job of a “youth coordinator” in the some other christianic parish. Yes, our planet is suffering one ailment and one ailment only: the west.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks – Frankenstein cops arrest and hold for two hours in isolation a 3 yr old on suspicion of being a terrorist. No, west mental sickness has no bounds. BTW, separation, much less isolation, of 3 yr olds from parents is illegal by int’l convetions Frankensteins have signed too. But then again, treaties mean nothing to the west animal.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs – Fails at auctioning off all of its 3B EUR worth of bonds. That’s a good sign when the motor of EUnuchia can’t raise pifly 3B EUR. A good sign for the west-wide terminal prolapse, that is.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece – THIS IS THE BIG NEWS. This is, in fact, what all have been waiting for, and as they say “IT”. Part of west has just terminally prolapsed and effectively vanished. Henceforth, Greece is funded by EUnuch and west collective IMF bank from cash squeezed out from west neanderthal BBCNN slurping lot and under the dictate of the west beast. All that’s left to do now is to erase the word Greece from all maps and globes.
– Even Herr Merkel was forced to change her rabid vulgarities and agree to Greek May2010 bailout and west bank annexation with some 120B EUR package.
– 30Apr, 120B EUR isn’t enough though and Greece is begging for 160B EUR. Note that tens of billions mean nothing to the west-wide prolapse.
– Of course, the saxon IMF “bailout” is really a pretext for further dictate which demands Greek further cut salaries, do away with pensions, raise existing and invent new taxes. Greek west-proxy governance has agreed to it all. Sideline: Severe austerity measures won’t be enough to save the west idyll however. West needs to move to effective political annexation on par with Hitler’s 1938 Munich of all its occupied peripheries or suffer losses like with Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, as Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland come a-knocking on the EUnuch central bank long since boarded-over gate. And even that may not be enough today. The next step in extending west life is NATO troops “maintaining peace” in all these west-raped territories.
– 45B EUR of the 120B EUR bailout evaporate in a week as Greece settles maturing bonds.
– Fails at raising loans even though it offered 25% yields on bonds, a total insanity for the bond gap across the EUnuch central bank may now be bigger than the collective vacuum of the west baboon skull. Sideline: Note that the prolapsed Greece ran deficit of only 14% of GDP and debt of some 120% of GDP. Let’s have a good laugh, shall we? So Greece is gone with debt over 100% of GDP and deficit having grown to 14%. Let’s look at Baboonarium. Their fed debt is at near the 13T USD limit, recently upped but they only rake in slightly over 14T USD/yr. That’s debt of 90% and comrade Obama’s deficit is at 11% of GDP & bravely projected to grow to 70% over next 2 yrs. Now, this is comparable to Greece, isn’t it?, with a slight small difference: there is noone who can bailout the baboon.

E U - P O L A N D EU-Poland – Entire nation command decapitated in a plane crash on 10Apr. PM Kazcynski, head of Polish army, and Polish central bankster were among the perished. No word on the decapitation of comrade Obama’s anti-Russian nuke trench wetdreams just yet.

E U - P O R T U G A L EU-Portugal – Prolapsed to junk as investment zone.
– Raises bond yield to near 6% after the rating cut. It’s fun how the west prolapses along its yield fissures.

E U - S P A I N EU-Spain – Boasts now 20% unemployment.
– Has rating cut to junk and fails on raising loans via bonds. Hope EUnuch central banksters are prepping a hefty “bailout”. This one’s gonna have to be 20X that of Greece, or some 2T EUR or better.

E U - U K EU-UK – Busies self and BBC-grazing poodles with ridiculous election theatrics not worth commenting on any further.
– Prolapsed BratAir merge their woes and debts with Spain’s Iberia. Pretty soon, there will just be WestAir amalgam offering standing room only to the diseased freckly west pedophile lot for a bargain price of half their annual income to ferry them about their prolapsed cesspits.

I R A Q Iraq – 8-Apr through 30Apr summary: 10 IED attacks in Baquba, Kirkut, Hilla, Wassit, Jalawlaa, Mosul, Ramadi, and Ghazaliya; 3 hummers in Abu Ghraib, Mosul, and Babel; 4 rocket attacks on bases in Diwaniya, Kirkut, Babel, and Baghdad Airport.

Calso base after katusa attack, 11Apr.

Camp Echo gets two rockets, 8PM, 20Apr.

See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan – Hatoyama proves unable to keep his promise to send the yank home. 80% of Japan wants him out for the miserable performance. It seems Japan understands that either they liberate themselves from the occupation and sever west ties or prolapse with its occupying masters.
– JapanAir, long since pitifully prolapsed, quits flying to Brisbane, Australia and Hawaii.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan – Getting liberated from the west rape via a coup.
– New governance backed by army on 10Apr freezes bank accounts of ousted west proxy PM and strips him of immunity. Somehow the PM refuses to acknowledge his stepping down though he did a quickstep down the ladder when the crowd came knocking on his bedroom door.
– USA suspends flights to their mil base, 8Apr.
– Russia sends in army units to see the coup through.
– UN and EUnuchs blither about invasion of Kyrgyzstan to pacify the coup. Why don’t the west clowns invade Israel to stop the ethnic cleansing there, if they’re so peace-seeking, that is?

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea – Tells west it didn’t torpedo anything. West blamed Pyongyang for the sinking of some military vessel of the yank-occupied South Korea.
– Moves to mid-range in missile testing. So far no nuking threats from comrade Obama.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine – Gazan fishermen attacked by Israeli mil boats, Apr 27.

See weekly report from Palestinian Centre for Human Rights on west ongoing transgression against humanity: April22-28 report

R U S S I A Russia – Taps Caspian reserves with 270M barrels of crude and 63B m3 of gas.
– Finds near 5B barrels of oil reserves on the Caspian shelf to boot. How unfortunate for west to have already been driven from the region then.
– Halts adoption to yank lands, after some baboon couple abandons a 7yr old adopted child sending him back to Russia. USA are truly child murdering and torturing animals and adoption to them is just acquisition means of victims. Some bent yank beat a 2 yr old Russian to death in 2006. That’s 2YR old! Another yank murderer killed 21 month kid by locking him in a car for 9 hrs. Yank legal system found nothing wrong with this murder of a Russian child. Another yank bitch punished her 3 yr old Russian kid by strapping her into the car seat for 4 hours after beating her. And on and on… West is THE disease, indeed.

T U R K E Y Turkey – Tells comrade Obama to bugger off with his endless Iran sanction rants.

There’s no point debating Iran’s nuke aspiration if Israel has already been furnished by the west int’l treaty criminals with nuke arsenal, maintains Erdogan. What’s notable however is that no example of tantamount clarity and logic exists anywhere in west.

U K R A I N E Ukraine – Russia cleaning up Ukraine from the west filth with 30% gas discounts, revamp of nuke power grid, and more. Sideline: Remember last year? EUnuchs were molesting Ukraine’s gaslines thinking they own the pipes in the sacked west-raped nation. Today: Ukraine’s Naftogaz is joining Gazprom; Crimea belongs to Russia till 2042 checking the entire NATO Black Sea aspirations; Ukraine is free of IMF dictate; and Russia gets 260K tonnes of duty-free steel. Yes, the already 2X size of Russia has grown by 600K km2. And let’s not forgot that the prices of human organs on the west vampire markets will rise since with the loss of Ukraine the west beast has lost one of its organ harvest victims.

Welcome home, Ukraine!

U S A USA – NBN isn’t the only one to catch the striking parallel twixt prolapsed Greece and USA “econ” debt and deficit numbers. The inevitability of the prolapse is understood by some like the USA central banksters and so comrade Obama is told by the Fed to swiftly bestow austerity measures upon the baboon: repo of retirement medical care funds and pensions; somehow upping by at least 50% taxes; and of course, inventing new imperial taxes. Now, this is sound since just the interest on the baboon’s debt is enough to ensure a prompt wall-to-wall prolapse of all things baboon, but a small question still rankles. How do you tax the unemployed and the pathetically prolapsed? Did the Fed forget that two thirds of yank households bring in below 65K USD/yr? Did the Fed forget that the baboon owes 60% on all its realty? BTW, this is a lowest equity holding in 6 decades. Marvelous, isn’t it?

Did the Fed forget about the prolapse of the baboon’s income? Did the Fed forget about 1 in 4 houses in USA being “under water” or with more debt than it’s worth? Did the Fed forget about 1 in 9 houses in effective default? Did the Fed forget about its own siphoning off the near 1,5T USD in lending? Did the Fed forget that USA is in active terminal prolapse? Does the Fed recall nothing from any of the NBNs?

– Though they may forget a lot they remembered to murder 5 more civilians in Pakistan with their terrorist drone strikes.
– The funny thing is that the Fed, while rinsing the baboon, wants to channel 5T USD more into elite Wall Street stocks and 20T more into the USA elite war businesses. This is mind-stopping, but note no baboons, blessed with a brain the size of a pinhead, are so much as riled.
– Pentagram admits channeling some 1,5B USD into some secret no-bid coffers.
– 30 Pentagram recycled child-murdering troops attempt suicide each day. 18 seem to be successful every day.
– Comrade Obama celebrates over 3% GDP growth for Q1, which is lower than 2009Q4. What happened? Did he run out of printer ink? Remember west voodoo economists count governance cash prints into the GDP as “governance investment”. In other words, this is all 100% nonsense.
– Have a barf bag handy! It turns out that Busch II governance knew that hundreds, some 500, of USA concentration camp victims tortured and held longer in cages than Hitler’s camps did in the crazed USA lockups strewn around our planet are innocent. Both Busch II and comrade Obama admins refuse to release the innocent for fear of horror stories spreading about the USA sickness. Among them are kids as young as 12 yr old and people old as 93. Yes, west deliberately tortures and kills innocent people, kids included, just to maintain some tale. The west sickness is truly beyond words.
– Tens of thousands of baboon students protest 820M cuts in education (a code in USA for mass brainwashing) someplace unimportant. The idiot baboon offspring didn’t think their human transgressions were free, did they?
– Comrade Obama mulls full-blown annexation of Puerto Rico.
– Destroys Gulf of Mexico with oil spill. Lies about the spill, some 5X at first, which is better than the usual BBCNN and west governance lying factor of 20. It’s now some 800K litres/day spilling into the gulf with apparently no way to stop it. …and these filthy oil covered monkeys and eco-vampires wanted to dictate eco behaviour to our planet. UPDATE: As of 1May, the destruction has been admitted to be still 5X more (now we’re reaching the nominal west lying rate) and it’s some 25K barrels or 4M litres gushing out each day into the gulf. Comrade Obama, out of sheer insanity, ordered USA Air Force to battle the oil spill. How are jets manned by trained child-murderers stop a rig leak isn’t however explained and highlights the sheer lunacy of all things west.
– Some CIA boss on charges for raping Muslim women. No, the west hypocrisy and sexual aberration sickness knowns no limits.
– Comrade Obama tries bending Russia to his Iran-sanction will by offering giving Russian firms waivers to continue trade with Iran. This is truly bizarre, isn’t it? He wants Russia to sign the sanction rants but really not enact them, just to save his face. This is truly uniquely insane, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the baboon’s brainstem isn’t big enough to appreciate the truly bizarre circus west has become.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela – Gets 20B USD from China to diversify oil market away from USA and develop Junin4 reserves to supply 400K bpd to China.
– Chavez holds ALBA summit 19Apr, celebrating the Bolivar Liberation of SouthAm from the west beast’s talons.
– Foils another Chavez’s life attempt. Who’s behind it? So far no official word.

…to be cont’d as it all piles


Nation By Nation (8Apr10)

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29Mar-8Apr10 — There should be absolutely — as per our calculations and events themselves — no question whether the west cesspits are prolapsing… and terminally at that. So it’s safe then to move on to the priceless pain, which now illuminates the west rigor mortis pangs. After all, even the grisly pack of west media whores has taken to covering the merriment of the west’s growing agony. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan – Karzai seems to be turning on his masters with threats of joining Talib. Watch for a new hasty “election”, a code in west for imperator enthroning.
– In yet another case of west cowardice, Germs, after being ambushed and losing 3 child-murdering troops, opened fire on anything and everything managing to kill 5 of their allies.
– 29Mar-4Apr, west loses some 56 plus the customary 3-4X injury rate, 4 hmvs, 2 tanks, chopper, 8 tanks, and suffers 2 base shelling.

A U S T R A L I A Australia – Like baboons and EUnuchs, ratchets up looting by “privitasation” or public assets under the pretext of shaving cost. Port of Brisbane, forestry plantations, and freight and coal rail business go on garage sale. Note how the clever blokes kept the maintenance of railways a public wallet matter.

B O L I V I A Bolivia – Gets a 100M USD loan from Russia and begins coop on energy, military, the usuals.

B R A Z I L Brazil – Building a fleet of space rockets slated to orbit in 2014. Too bad the NASA “moon” baboons can’t read otherwise they may enjoy this one.

C A N A D A Canada – Ontario, too, ushers in the beautiful word “austerity” with years of public programme cuts; wage freezes on 1M public jobs; wage freezes on 350K private jobs; and dumping the lofty Toronto beautification projects.
– Has had enough of Afghanistan heroin protecting and wants out. Fights among the drug mafias?

C H I N A China – Loads up on Russian S300’s. Oddly, west didn’t spew the usual venom and threats of bombing China or Russia.
– Following threatening all sorts of retributions, comrade Obama is singing tweely again to Beijing. Why? China responded to the comrade’s threats of sanctions with the mention of trade war. EUnuchs have made it clear to USA they want no part of this war.
– Picks up Ford’s Volvo for 1,8B USD on the west-wide garage sale.

E U EU – Prez of all things EUnuch among the econ embers of his vast child-murdering reich publishes a book of rhymes. Not a joke! If only he could strum the lira like Nero. Like the west evil challenging all languages to even begin to describe the routine west behaviour, the field of psychiatry will have to stretch pretty far to account for the unusual brainstem disorders, which define the west patient today.
– The core EUnuchzone admits to 11% unemployment.
– Commercial realty rigor mortis carves a 150B EUR loan-exceed-value hole in the EUnuch banks. It’s comforting to note that the commercial realty tidal wave nearing the EUnuch shores is 2T EUR high.
– Prices of commercial realty shrivel 26% across EUnuchia. Poodles lead with 44% shriveling.
– EUnuch banks are prepping for a 116B EUR injection into its prolapsed commercial realty. This is odd, since moments ago, EUnuchs couldn’t find a single EUR to aid Greece, isn’t it?

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks – 100 thousands strike in 200 cities, 23Mar. What’s the matter, frankfurters? Don’t much fancy the pension heist?
– Angry plebes revive bomb threats unless they’re at least given some severance.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs – Ploughs Liechtenstein banks for some hived away cash unearthing 200M EUR. Yes, west is down to turning rocks looking for any morsel of ripe weevils and worms. The west prolapse is nicely highlighted by this for it’s down to spending int’l effort to rake in millions while it’s trillions short. If the west fiend had a brain cell in its brainstem knot, it would understand all its efforts to stave off its prolapse are 0,0001% effective.
– Catches a hard case of sanction mania and calls for sanctioning other EUnuchs electing some “stability pact”, which prohibits the current deficit-to-GDP and debt-to-GDP west rates. Now, would this be the same stability pact that’s given our planet 2 world wars, DU plague, torture camps, permanent genocide, and is this the same stability pact that’s behind printing tens of trillions to float the west banking and elite concerns?

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece – Bomb kills 1, Athens, 27Mar.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy – Christianic fuhrers defend west religion, a code for a pedophile homo deviancy club, by actually saying that raping a 12 yr old isn’t rape because 12 yr old is old enough. Yes, west is THE disease, under all its “devinity” cloaks, in all its forms, in every action, reaction, thought, and rationalisation.
– Deficit rises to 18B EUR/Mar. That’s a 30%/yr dilapidation. Although exceeding the EUnuch 3% “stability pact” deficit-to-GDP allowable limits, it’s significantly healthier than the Baboonarium.
– Kisses Kaddafy’s hand. Yes, Italy still remembers its long since Gazprom swiped wetdream of slurping Libya’s energy.

E U - L I T H U A N I A EU-Lithuania – D Keyds kills 2 pedophile rapists of his 3 yr old child. The rapists happened to be a governance parliament member and a judge. Yes, all west institutions are just fronts for organised organ and sex slave traffic, child rape and war junta cabals.

E U - U K EU-UK – Aberdeen univ hikes tuition and cuts spending to give school leader 17% rise.
– BratAir on 2nd strike.

I R A N Iran – West’s 2nd watered down version of proposed sanctions is still no good. Russia and China “nay” it.

I R A Q Iraq – 2 Hmv’s destroyed; 4 bomb attacks on occupier’s patrols and convoys; GreenZone mortared; and occupier’s base C5k’d.

West beast hunting people.

See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan – Failure to deliver on a promise to drive the occupiers into the ocean plunges Hatoyama’s approval to murky depths of 30%.
– Thousand protest USA occupation, 28Mar.
– Finance ministry threatens dumping Hatoyama unless he quickly resolves the matter of USA occupation.
– JapanAir zapping 30% jobs.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan – Riots, tear gas, Molotov cocktails, demonstrators seizing governance building, …the usuals turn into a full blown coup with live ammo, armoured vehicles, armour vehicle seizure, TV station & parliament takeovers, and Interior Ministry siege, …the works. Bakiev, a “tulip” revolt child who extended USA’s welcome to Mana mil base for 180M USD in 2009 is on the run. Opposition, led by Otunbayeva seems in. West gnashes teeth as the future of USA mil base ferrying 35K troops/month for Afghani rape and heroin protection — if the opposition remains — is certain.

Kyrgyz coup.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan – Spites USA and goes ahead with buying Iran’s electricity.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine – Israel air strikes Gaza over dozen times, 1Apr.
– Gaza suffers israeli tank land incursion, 8Apr.

R U S S I A Russia – NordStream work has begun. Where’s Nabucco? Oh, it’s where the entire west cesspit is.
– Puts 1B USD into Venezuela oil coop expansion.
– Ratifies Abkhazia and S Ossetia border protection. Yes, the 2008 Mc”gook killer”Cain-Busch II attack has left Russia slightly larger.
– Gazprom makes a bid for UK oil.
– Files application with UN to extend its size over Sea of Okhotsk. This after the discovery of Mendeleev and Lomonosov ridges extending Russia over the Arctic and thus the 25% of planet’s energy resources shudders west.
– 28Mar, 2 bombs kill 39, Moscow. West operative, not unlike Basayev, eventually claims credit.
– 30Mar, bomb kills 12, Dagestan, Caucasus.
– 1Apr, bomb accidentally kills the 2 bombers ferrying the explosives, Dagestan, Caucasus.
– 4 Apr bomb explodes part of railroad, Caucasus. No one killed.
– Comrade Obama rushes in offering USA acumen to solve the bombing streak. West’s learnt nothing, hasn’t it? 6M troops armed to teeth with the greatest war tech wasn’t enough 70 yrs ago and they’re trying bomb revolt?

S Y R I A Syria – 10s of thousands protest Israeli crimes against Palestine incl the recent assault on al-Aqsa, Damascus, 26Mar.

T H A I L A N D Thailand – Demonstrators storm the parliament and the governance heroes beat a hasty retreat scaling the walls of the palace and climbing down ladders like tree pruners fleeing the fed up mob.
– Martial law with curfews, prohibition of assembly, and live ammo called by the ladder toting governance.

T U R K E Y Turkey – Gets a 400B USD loan from Saudi Arabia. Where’s IMF? Oh, like Nabucco, it’s where the entire west is.

U N UN – IAEA admits that west has murdered 1M civilians “violating int’l laws” in Iraq. Such is the legacy of the west beast on our planet. The west beast is truly something that’s so off scale in all deviancies that it literary stops the mind. Let’s just at random browse through some of the west legacy, shall we?

» Hide the legacy of the west beast
Show it

Invaded under the pretext of 911 BS, Afghanistan has endured a decade worth of the beast’s atrocities. Among the crimes, which west now proudly admits, is running the biggest heroin assault against our planet.

West legacy in Afghanistan. The entire west command of the west beast dares stand there and lie to the camera. Only after getting caught with pictorial evidence, the beast admitted its ongoing deliberate crimes against the children of our planet.

Torture of children is also west gift to our planet. This is Israel today. West has actually enacted int’l policies which allow their murder troops to torture children in front of their parents to extract testimony from the parent. There exist no words to begin describing the putridness of the west diseased mind. Deliberately torturing innocent people, let alone children, eclipses even the favourite west pastimes like collective punishment and human shield. It’s so diseased, in fact, that no int’l convention has ever so much as stipulated such indescribable abomination.

Among the west beast legacies is the systemic blitzkrieg carried out against civilians in all west-raped lands. This is Palestine where a tank incursion following savage air strikes purveys the west’s land theft and rape of Palestine. While west governances all pretend before cameras not to completely agree, like USA, behind the scenes, they’re hastily fueling the Israel murder machine with war cash and state-of-the-art genocide tech. 60% of Gaza-locked children are anemic and malnutritioned today.

Even west media whores today admit the diabolical legacy of the west DU vivocide. Serbia alone has clocked some 200% rise in DU-caused health disasters.

Serbia still bears the scars of the west beast 1999 assault and the fiendish destruction of Yugoslavia. West had summoned their favourite assassin, Mr Bin Laden with his KLA terrorist cabals to spark civil war by false flag terrorist massacres — much like USA has been caught committing in Iraq. The reason for the west beast ripping Yugoslavia into shreds was the vampire’s fear that strong Yugoslavia could mount resistance to the psychotic globalist crusade. The west monster remembers well Yugoslavian heroic resistance in WWII, which incidentally is also part of the blood-soaked west legacy.

Vietnam was savagely mauled by the west beast simply because its economy had taken off and the west beast sought to prevent the econ system from becoming the regional template of growth and prosperity. And so, as USA prez wanna-be McCain said, “[USA] bombed it to the Stone Age.” ensuring its complete crush for at least 50 yrs.

The west beast legacy in Vietnam and Cambodia — which west bombed with no reason whatever or even half sane pretext — isn’t just horrors like Mai Lai, psychotic tortures, or the 3M murdered so that the saxonic wall street vampires could maintain their “econ” superiority and the west neanderthal populaces could continue bathing in the arrogant BBCNN air of some divine saxonic racial superiority.

It’s also unexploded west mines still stalking victims and agent orange, one of west’s precursors to the current west vivocide by DU. Both continue the west wetdream of total destruction of our planet by maiming and murdering children to date.

West beast legacy also includes the total annihilation and perversion of sciences so that the west can continue wielding its Dark Age sword. Spearheaded by nazis like Heizenberg, all sciences were wiped out in the 30s and replaced by rubbish sold in the west pedophile school camps as education. This is Lamaitre, a vaticunt jesuit and also the author of the big bang BS, which is no more than the christianic bible blither simplified so that even a west “scientist” can follow. The unkempt one on the right, the very pillar of the current Dark Age, remains the west standard of “genius” despite never having produced a single original or worthwhile thought.

It’s not that west doesn’t have studious folk. It does. And they’re diligent at their research and put in long hours to please their cabal masters. This is one of them, Mr Clauberg. His scientific legacy is the ability to, without pain killers, physically sterilise up to 1000 girls a day. Though, in his wake lie hundreds of murdered and maimed daughters and mothers, somehow, the USA-run nazi trials forgot about him like it did about the other 30-50K nazi genocide officers and monsters of this calibre.

The west legacy confirmed by this war criminal — that’d be the one on the left — years before the story was confirmed about the NYC and TelAviv organ theft cabals, is that of USA governance knowingly and happily trafficking slaves. As the data trickles in, we can add the to the immense crime record of the west beast, the traffic and plunder of organs typically stolen from defenceless children stolen by the monster from around the world; and the stat of 50K slaves trafficked into USA alone each year.

USA baboons actually celebrate by stuffing their baboon snouts bloated every year the genocide of 13-15M NorthAm people.

To west, this is “food rationing”. This is India and the legacy of the west rape. In what west textbook whores refer to today as “benign colonisation”, britz had systematically murdered 26M with hunger holocaust twixt 1877-1906 . The beast enjoyed it so much that it returned during WWII when Churchill repeated the hunger genocide adding some 7M notches to the impressive criminal record. To the west miscreants, Churchill remains the standard of heroism. BTW, that’s the same monster that carved Arabia into the occupied “nations” of the Middle East today so that the west beast could drink free oil for a century now.

This is Korea where the west beast had murdered 3,5M civilians. These are USA murderers at a mass execution of civilians in Taegu, 1951.

This is Poland where the west beast had murdered 30% of the nation. These are Germ murderers, for a change, at a mass execution of civilians, cca 1940.

Iraq, attacked on a pack of WMD lies, has seen all the west beast diabolical tricks ranging from: west troops in civil clothing setting bombs in the old west game of “divide and conquer”; torture; deliberate civilian slaughter; mass murders of wounded and POWs; mass and deliberate murder of children; concentration camps that have tortured now longer than Hitler’s, the usual standard for evil; DU poisoning; phosphorous skin burning; … Incidentally, though against all int’l accords, dressing in someone else’s uniforms and civilian clothes is a standard west beast’s crime. Russia, in 1941 was too attacked by Germs dressed as Russian troops. It’s safe to say that whatever violence there is anywhere on our planet, it’s the west beast’s work.

A child is the west beast’s favourite prey. West loves murdering the wounded and old but it systematically slakes its satanic lust for human blood on children, hopefully armed with no more than a slingshot. USA troops made beer bets whether their snipers could hit children walking to school in Iraq. Yank religious sect rushed into the quake ravaged Haiti to steal children. Recently, west beast troops crushed the testicles of a child it tortured before his father. Teenagers of our planet are routinely hunted, herded like animals, and slaughtered for spare organs so that the west excremental neanderthals can buy a healthy liver for some 60K USD on the vast west organ market that implicates west governances and upper christianicojudeic religious sects. Even west’s own children are preyed upon by this crazed west christianic lunacy. All over the west now surface accusations of institutionalised pedophile rape. But then again, what can be expected from religion run by nazis? Murder of children including newborns is the west way. From the moment the beast had eventually managed to cross the ocean to Americas, it began its brutal annihilation of life. In SouthAm and NorthAm alike, the west beast used the same method in killing children. The west miscreants were ordered to crush America’s children heads under their boots to save ammunition. No crime eclipses that of deliberate murder or maiming of a child. Yet, to west, that’s daily routine.

Drowning torture has enjoyed a long and successful career in the west. This is the grisly west christianics while assaulting SouthAm to steal land and plunder all things shiny. And the professors and scientists of the west beast today dare shrug their baboon shoulders and grunt: “It’s a right mystery where Mayans, Aztecs, and Inkas have all gone.” The chilling west legacy can still be seen in christianic torture chambers across SouthAm.

…and, sadly, on and on and on and on… no part of our planet has been spared the grisly psychotic rape of this diabolical disease.

The west beast’s pretexts for these crimes typically range from “fighting the drug wars”, “spreading democracy”, “liberating from selves”, “looking for WMDs”, to “spreading christianic good or just freedom” or “delivering humanitarian aid”, but the aim of the west christianic saxonic beast — in its entire diseased life, ever since the right sickness disgorged from the Baltic marshes — has been the same: total and complete annihilation of humans, humanity, and all reminders, vestiges, product, culture, civilisation, and art thereof.

In general, it’s impossible to enumerate, catalogue, or even present the legacy of the west beast for it is simply too vast and this emotionally exhausting sample is but a drop in all the oceans.

Consider that just in the time twixt WWII and the enthroning of Busch II reign, the west had bombed near 70 nations around our planet murdering some 25-30M civilians. And these, by the west perverted standard, are the “peaceful” years.

In the wake of the west beast lie entire continents raped, looted, and genocided.

Astonishingly, the cretinous baboons down under that have stolen the Australian continent don’t even admit today to the million plus genocide that had cleared the land for their deranged opera house in Sydney so the saxonic neanderthals can warble their “bless us, jesus for we are the fairest creature” hallelujahs pretending they’re a civilised and upright species.

However counted, however sliced: assemble all evil from all the corners of our planet in all its existence and it won’t touch the routine day in the life of the west beast.

U S A USA – Wall street “bailout” reaches 4,6T USD. That’s TRILLION — for the baboon that’s a number that has 12 zeros for a tail — and that’s just the cost of the wall street pretense.
– All this madcow printing puts the current USD debt-to-GDP at over 60% and comrade Obama’s budget bravely cranks it to 90%. These rates also consider the small fact that west GDP’s INCLUDE the printed trillions, which the west fiend econ charlatans somehow dare count as production. But then again, it’s no diff than west “bailed out” firms counting the free cash as profit, yet not taxable one. Yes, all #s as all things west are 100% pure laughable rubbish.
– It’s so mad in fact that the west crazed econ loons can’t agree whether it’s inflation or deflation. The coastal central banksters scream deflation cuz the shelf clutter isn’t moving but the fly-over-states based Fed boys opt for inflation. Sideline: No textbook fairytale condition, be it econ or anything else, applies to any part of west. West has neither had free market, democracy, private/public sector, free speech, nor economy. West is always been a child-murdering pedophile-run slavery lockup propelled by a gargantuan Dark Age machine. West neither has ever had public nor private sector or elected governance, for that matter. West governance has always been a private concern and never has west elite biz like west religious pedophile rapers been separated from it. Never has west sought anything it claims to seek. It’s only goal has always been the total and complete annihilation of humans, humanity, and all the vestiges, reminders, culture, achievements, and beauty thereof.
– As of, 28Mar, it’s 41 banks dead this year.
– AIG misses payment to USA coffer so governance sticks in own folks. Funny how all west media whores missed this fun hostile takeover.

This is quite telling of the beauty of the west idyll. Too bad about the tiny print, but the leftmost column suffices in telling the whole story. It shows 1/3 of households earning over 65K USD. No need to bother beyond this. So that means that two thirds, or 66% of baboon dwellings pull in less than 65K USD/yr. That’s HOUSEHOLDS. Yes, for 2 out of 3, USA is just a shanty town.

– Near 70K baboons zapped/Mar. That’s up by over 20K from Feb.
– Post office zapping 30K this year sometime.
– Owner of 158 shopping malls — incidentally, the only landscape feature left in all west cesspits — accrues near 30B USD debt and so it goes bankrupt.
– Attracting no buyers on the west garage sale, GM’s hummer is slated for extinction next week.
– Illnoise has zapped 10K but is zapping 20K more teachers.
– Indiana (note the west raping idiots actually really thought they were in India) clocks an all time record for 90-day+ delinquent mortgages in Jan.
– Californlornia, with 80 hotels prolapsing, boasts near 30% rise in hotel foreclosures/Q1.
– Toyota slams doors in Californlornia leaving near 5K baboons stranded, 2Apr. Apparently, Californlornia begged Toyota to stay. Note how the yank baboon operates. First, it threatens voodoo hexes in its inimitable vicious vulgarity and then it sidles up like a high meth skank busy spreading VD.
– Fluorida cuts teacher pensions by 40%.
– Parts of prolapsed Wisecon&sin hike water price over 30% and do so retroactively to Jan.
– With 400M+ USD deficit, Detrot and the word bankruptcy begin appearing in a single headline.
– Clocks a month record for personal bankruptcies reaching near 160K/Mar. If the monthly stats are right, the growth rate is over 30%/mo meaning some 7K baboons go belly up each and every day now. If half true, it warrants a pint!
– Baboon home values shrivel 30% since 2007 on average.
– Office vacancy clocked in 10Q1 at 16 yr high — and that’s with 17% rent shriveling.
– Even the west propaganda motor loses its sting. CNN loses half of its cretinous flock.
– Print media clocks 43% shriveling in revenues.
– Comrade Obama is busy inventing acronyms for a spate of new taxes to soon hit the prolapsed nation.
– Mulls clearing student loan debt if the student agrees to join the Pentagram child-murdering and heroin-growing armies.

Kid soldiers? Where does the baboon get its grand ideas?

– Signs of more self-abuse appear as state provocateurs begin fomenting revolt sentiment with tales of organised governator threats and more. If there is some general baboon uprising, the first wave will be organised, run, and planned by west colour and fruit revolt planners.
– NASA, the proud moon film makers, are giving Russia 330M USD more to keep riding Russian tech to ISS.
– Buys old Russian booster rockets. Sideline: USA space programme, started by nazis — how else? — began with the embarrassing of suborbital hoppings while Russia orbited satellite, man, multi-man crew, did space walks, sent probes to our neighbours, took pics of Venus, and brought samples from the moon. Then later, NASA remained the embarrassment it had begun as, as USA’s Skylab frumped into the sea while Russian Mir became the foundation of ISS. But then it turned real ugly. That was when NASA hired Kubrick and began committing assassinations. But this too was topped by the exploding fleet of shuttles that have been retired several times over. Today, as USA space programme has shriveled to hiring Russian tech, it’s a small wonder that the NASA Braun nazi boys have turned their skill and talent to the matters of greater importance like “climate change study” and “Toyota peddle repair”.
– Governance begins wrapping the nation with a barb wire as Capital Act outlines the limits of emigration.
– Comrade Obama approves killing of USAans, if they’re terrists (sic).
– Washington shootout kills 3, 31Mar.
– NYC shootout leaves 4 dead, 5Apr.
– Shootout in Hollowwood kills 4, 4Apr.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela – Dozens of coop deals signed with Russia worth some 20B USD.
– Building a nuke plant with Russia. No war threats from the west baboon cowards?

The coop deals include 5B USD worth of weapons just in case the baboon gets unruly.

…to be cont’d as it all piles up


Nation By Nation (28Mar10)

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16Mar-28Mar — As always, jubilating the west-wide terminal prolapse knell by knell. It’s amazing what the silent shattering of the dollar monopoly in May 2006 has done to the west cesspits. After all, the very issue of west prolapse is now echoed even in the west BBCNN media whore mindrape. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan – After being ambushed, the west sordid cowards fired rockets indiscriminately murdering 2 children and wounding 4 others in Khost, 25Mar.
– On average west loses 5 tanks and 10 child murdering troops each day as it daily suffers 3-4 attacks.
– Approx west tally of Helmand#3 offensive for 16Mar-27Mar period: 165 dead, 17 tanks, 2 choppers, 1 hvee.
– West’s own version of Helmand#3 losses: double death rate and triple wounded rate in last 2 months.
– Comrade Obama, west’s official symbol and standard for peace (after all he’s only attacked 5 nations in 1 yr), deploys 30K murderers more near Kandahar.
– West admits to actually “protecting the heroin industry” of Afghanistan. So now, the west beast comes clean and tells us what the war in Afghanistan is about. Amazingly, UN with its stacks of anti-drug wars resolutions had nothing to say on the 50B USD west drug harvest market.

» Click to see west beast’s DU crime. Beware! It’s harder to look at than the pack of BBCNN war whores.

Many dismiss the west’s attack on our planet via DU simply because U238, which makes 99,8% of DU, is relatively a low source of radiation. But DU vivocide is not achieved through major radioactive event like Nagasaki. It’s infinitely more diabolical.

All west wars pretext on WMD, 911, alCIAda, and other lies are used to disseminate DU around our planet. West shelling vapourises DU and winds spread it around the war zones and beyond.

Once inhaled or ingested, even in low doses, it becomes the permanent unshieldable source of some several million of radioactive alpha, beta, and gamma decay events each hour.

DU is now milling in the air around and beyond west mauled nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, etc and its results are noted around the world. This is no longer a crime that concerns other people. These crimes depicted below are crimes of the west beast against all life — including you, wherever you may be — on our planet.

See more (beware, it’s harder to look at than the verminous BBCNN whores) click here:uruknet

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A R G E N T I N A Argentina – Slaps ban on firms supporting brit occupation of Los Malvinas. Britz responded by dispatching a sub into the troubled waters.

A U S T R A L I A Australia – Eats its badly chosen words from early 2008 when it screeched “keep Aussie resources Aussie” and sells 3,6Mtonnes of liquid gas to China for next 20 yrs.

B R A Z I L Brazil – Lula tells west that since he got so much flak for meeting Ahmadinejad, he’s now off to Iran to meet with Ahmadinejad again to support Iran’s enriching ambitions. No, this isn’t the world the west monster had envisioned in its NWO wetdreams.

C H I N A China – Gives 1B EUR loan to Belarus. Where’s IMF? Oh, it’s gnawing on the EUnuch flanks in the grotesque west incestual resuscitation comedy of the day.
– Takes over 50% of UK’s Bridas oil with a 3B USD venture with Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia, in the continued Freeworld’s flush of all things west.
– Won’t re-evaluate yuan despite west’s petulant floor fist pounding.
– Becomes Iran’s #1 biz partner, trading some 20B USD. Yes, west sanction worked then.
– Dumps 6B USD worth of USA t-bills in Jan. China’s USA holding is down to 889B USD.
– West big biz shudders as China sets on a “keep China Chinese” course. It’s funny and most pleasurable to hear the west monkeys squeal foul when someone else applies west’s practices against the west beast.

E U EU – So far we’ve laughed at the pirates wars among Swiss and the Germ/USA/UK bank tomb raiders; bankster squabbles over the trillions in fresh prints; west plebes against their war industry elite’s bonuses and bailout heists; etc but now it’s slightly more amusing. On the verge of the abyss, both EUnuchs and Baboons realise that the only way to postpone their own prolapse is by sinking the other’s currency. And so at last, the west-wide rot pins the EUnuch against the the baboon.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks – Abandons carbon tax wetdream after an “unexpected” spate of protests and anti-status quo election results.
– 100s of thousands protest their pension evaporation. They didn’t expect applause for their genocide acquiescence, did they?
– Mar23, teachers, taxi drivers, and civil serfs join the strikes.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs – Ratzinger, the nazi-boy germ pope of all west religions, is at last directly linked to the west christianic pedophile cabalism. He knew and allowed the systematic rape of some 200 deaf children to go on in USA by the west christianic sickness. Charges of systemic christian pedophile rape seem to disgorge from all corners of the west psychosis now.
– Pensions drop. Half of Germia is looking at 600 EUR/mo now. And this is just the beginning. Note that pension heist is occurring in synch across all west cesspits.
– Merkel caught in knowing and lying about the Germ massacre of 140 civilians on 4Sep2009. Indeed, among the west promotional criteria is, of course, the art of diabolical deceit, not just ordering massacres, tortures, genocides, organ thefts, and the usual christianic pedophile bent.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece – Labour minister tells countrymen “You must understand that Greece is no beggar seeking a handout.”
– Second after, Greece begged and got 23B EUR from IMF. Yes, west is also a grotesque comedy. Let’s see how much of the 23B EUR is going to relieve any of the Berlin fiscal diktat austerity measures. BTW, if there’s Greeks reading this, tell your countrymen you’re NOT broke. You’ve just been robbed by the same 911 “terrists” who are waging a vicious war against our planet.
– Clashes in Athens, Mar15.
– Rolling blackouts go into effect.

Athens, 23Mar.

E U - H U N G A R Y EU-Hungary – Capital suddenly buzzed by Israeli fighters.

E U - I R E L A N D EU-Ireland – Near 8% GDP shriveling/2009 is being “recovered” by 1,3% shriveling/2010Q1.
– Unemployment at 13%.

E U - L A T V I A EU-Latvia – Governance prolapses.
– Joins Spain, UK, and USA in boasting 20% unemployment.

E U - N E T H E R L A N D S EU-Netherlands – Shell zapping 2K.

E U - P O R T U G A L EU-Portugal – Privatisation of airlines, trains, post, energy, and paper industry underway as west Grand Asset Reform goes on. Note that west war junta has moved now to looting the fringes of the west cesspits.
– West slashes Portuguese credit sending Portuguese stocks and bonds into a St Vitus dance and aids EUnuchRO dive. Sideline: Rarely both stocks and bonds get hit together. Oh, the wonderment of prolapse.
– Debt at 90% of GDP.
– Inflation over 9%.
– Deficit at over 10% of GDP.
– All these #s are seen as a big problem by the ruling EUnuchs. But if that’s the case then consider USA’s #s. With 13% GDP deficit, 90% GDP debt, and incalculable superhyperinflation, USA couldn’t even hope to apply for membership in Grand EUnuchia. This oughtta highlight the terminality of the west-wide prolapse and the comedy of trying to resuscitate the west fringes. Temporary repair of PIIGS, be it via austerity or more billions of debt, is like doing manicure on a heartattack victim.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania – Loves USA so much it’s replacing its MiG 21 fleet with preowned F16s at the expense of 1,3B USD.

E U - U K EU-UK – 25% of adults out of work. That’s some recovery there, Brown.
– Public serfs taking near 5B GBP hit on their pensions to “pay for recovery”. Why only public plebes? Private sector poodles have no pensions to raid.
– BratAir on strike.
– BratRail planning a strike.
– BoE tells britzies to enjoy the upcoming paycuts. Someone has to pay for the bailouts and bonuses and war defeats.
– Cuts 6000 trees just cuz the poodle peasants liked the woods. It’s hard to comment on the growing west insanity.
– China picks up 51% of Loondon’s prolapsed cab mfg on the west-wide garage sale.
– Looked up and saw what looked like Russian bombers buzzing the drizzly Gotha isles.

I R A N Iran – Biz with Turkey going from 10B to 30B USD. Looks like west sanctions work beautifully.
– GDP at over 2% growth. No wonder the west beast has been dying to maul this rising nation.
– West further waters down its sanction demands. China tells west to wait some more. Russia tells west its demand retreat is a good sign but suggests to rewrite it some more to delete the econ-punitive terms that are still left in the rabid west drivel.

I R A Q Iraq –

No, this isn’t a colourised pic from hitler & cabal. This is USA’s work TODAY. Needless to add, all USA murder troops have been acquitted for this Haditha 2005 massacre, in which 24 civilians were butchered by the west beast. This is what the USA troop parents have to say on the matter: “We know our son is innocent, we know he has done nothing wrong.” Yes, west is THE disease on all levels, from top to bottom, and in all aspects.

Bomb attack, Hilla, 16Mar.

Convoy IED’d, Baghdad, 16Mar.

Convoy IED’s, Shamiya, 17Mar.

Bomb attack, Sumar, 17Mar.

HQ rocketed, Hawijah, 18Mar.

IED car, Baghdad, 21Mar.

See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan – 80% of airports are broke.
– Responds to USA mauling by dumping 300M USA t-bills in Jan bringing its USA holding to 765B USD.
– Toyota stops mfg in USA at 2 plants in Texas and Kentucky.
– Toyota production is slated to grow 1% in 2010 despite the death of west markets by increasing Japan production by 40K units and upping sales to China and India. Meanwhile, USA unit production is shriveling by 60K units. No, no part of west including the baboon driver is necessary for harmonious int’l trade.
– USA says that it has to keep its mil base in Japan to “protect” Japan. This is exactly the same argument the silly sisters used in the Golden Goose fairytale when they got caught stealing the goose’s feathers. Yes, west uses 1st grader rationale to justify the strategy of its int’l policy.

M O L D O V A Moldova – Left party boycotts west-proxy governance.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine – Israeli tanks assault Gaza shelling civilians, 25Mar.

R U S S I A Russia – Int’l reserves up by 7B USD at 450B USD, 19Mar.
– Proposes Caracas/Moscow bank to Venezuela.
– Coop with Guatemala.
– Coop with China to counter west. Sadly no details given.
– 11M pensioners see their pensions INCREASED. This just for fun as west pensioners lose their shirt.
– GDP headed to 6%, beating expectations.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea – Navy boat explodes and sinks. Seoul tried blaming N Korea for a bit.

T U R K E Y Turkey – Visit of comrade Obama scrapped.
– 5,5B USD gas deal with Iran.

R T Erdogan: “West isn’t in a position to tell other country ‘oh you’re not supposed to have nuke energy or weapons. Take Israel. Why aren’t other countries warning Israel to dispose of her nuke arsenal but they’re doing to Iran.” For some odd reason, the most obvious things are rarely said.

U A E UAE – Gets a 9,5B USD loan to square off 23+B USD in debts. West calculations are funny, aren’t they? West hasn’t realised it no longer has cash printing machine, which make loans to plug up loans or selling bonds to pay for previous bond monthlies total and complete nonsense.

U K R A I N E Ukraine – Votes to boot NATO recruiters for good.

U N UN – Condemns Israel for land theft, prints resolutions, but won’t send its troops.

U S A USA – Apparently the baboon has at last noticed its prolapse. 79% think it’s terminal. Sideline: If this is somewhat true, then, as we calculated here using a simple exponential, by Oct, 100% of baboons will share that view. Whether that materialises into the Panarin Scenario is another matter.
– JPMoron floated by baboon’s cash is getting 1,5B USD in tax refund to boot. This oughtta please baboons as they gape at their tax bills.
– Californlornia zapping 22K teachers. The word “teacher” is, of course, an oxymoron with regards to anything west.
– Californlornia reports record foreclosure rate in Feb but can’t understand why “back to bank” sales shrivel. Foreclosure rate rises 20%/Feb. Note how they’ve managed to suppress this fun info during their budget masturbations a few weeks ago. They’re a wily lot!
– Illnoise reports 22% rise in foreclosures.
– Fluorida reports 10% of mortgages in 60day+ delinquency. It was only 2% at the end of 2006 after the dollar monopoly nuking in May2006. That’s 70% growth per annum!
– Atlantis, Georgia reports over 12K foreclosures in Feb, which is their local all time record.
– 15% or 19M now of houses across USA are empty.
– Michigone’s largest hospital in Detrot sold off for 400M USD.
– Detrot closes 45 more schools. The baboon cleverly calls the prolapse “shrinking to survive”.
– Social security fund is officially belly up now and running a deficit.
– The exponential prolapse of own land matters none to comrade Obama, as he prints 33B USD more for Pentagram’s urgent murder needs in Afghanistan.
– Revises its unemployment admitting it at 12+% overall with spots reaching over 20%.
– 35 cities boast 15+% unemployment. Note here, that the lying west media war whores maintained the ridiculous below-10% fairytale until just now. Regardless of west whore #s and claims always aimed to deceive, know west prolapse is eating the west baboons’ rumps 24/7 in 3 ways: exponentially, unavoidably, and terminally.
– Unemployment so rampant that comrade Obama prints 9B USD to refill the empty benefit coffers for a few more weeks.
– Media whores learn up another phrase: “social unrest” and use it correctly in connection to west prolapse.
– Media whores further admit that growth of GDP “isn’t enough”. Of course not, for GDP adds in governance spending, which in west means printing of trillions of worthless papers called money.
– Construction shrivels 6% y2y.
– Home sales shrivel over 2%/Feb leveling at 300K units/yr.

Beautiful, nay perfect exponential. This is the profile of the baboon and its household debt. Note it’s touching 14T USD in paper debt. Note the dip at the end. That’s the recent comrade Obama siphoning of the credit market. A bit too late? A bit too little? One cannot but laugh when confronted with this flaming baboonary and the cretinous methods they try to employ to “recover” or slow down the west terminal prolapse.

– 37 banks buried in 2010 on 20Mar.
– Comrade Obama heaps 2T USD on USA collective debt. Nice recovery there. Basic debt at 12,6T so it’s time to up the ceiling — AGAIN! This seems to be west latest trending craze happening each few weeks now. Sideline: Imagine shoveling 4M USD out the window every minute 24/7 with no vacation and breaks for a year and you’ve got a feeling for the wonderment of the west prolapse. As far as the exponential prolapse, consider Busch II took 4 long years to burn 5T USD. Comrade Obama is 1,6X better than Busch II at hammering knells into the west casket. Perhaps he oughtta print himself a nice bonus.
– Scores the biggest disappointment in peddling bonds. This means that foreign investment in USA shriveled by 32B USD in Jan, which is an all time record for the pathetic bond sales or let’s call it what it is: loan begging.
– Comrade Obama passes 12 new taxes on the baboon via his Grand Health Reform.
– Idaho and 14 states threaten to lock horns with the dear comrade over the fiscal extortion under the health reform pretext. This just for fun.
– Admits EUnuch nuke trench is there to target Russian nukes.
– Comrade Obama pretends to be miffed with Israel over the escalation of Palestinian land theft. But behind the scenes he hands Israel 200M USD worth of mil cargo planes — that’s on top of the customary 2B USD/yr — and promises to supply Israel with F35 stealths to aid the Palestine genocide.
– Pays Russia to lift its satellite cuz USA’s space programme is just as prolapsed as the rest of the baboonarium.
– Gets angry over Chinese dump of USA T-bills sputtering all sorts of vindictive venom like threats of “stiff sanctions” saying “if you refuse to play, we’ll force you.” But oddly, the baboon’s forgotten about the 250B USD/yr in trade deficit with China. It’s almost as though west is just issuing threats helter skelter with zero thinking.

…to be cont’d as it all piles up

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